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Benjamin Haas



InGaN nanowires with high InN molar fraction: growth, structural and optical properties

Xin Zhang , Hugo Lourenco-Martins , Sophie Meuret , Mathieu Kociak , Benedikt Haas
Nanotechnology, 2016, 27 (19), pp.195704. ⟨10.1088/0957-4484/27/19/195704⟩
Journal articles cea-01851934v1

Growth mechanism of InGaN nanoumbrellas

Xin Zhang , Benedikt Haas , Jean-Luc Rouviere , Eric Robin , Bruno Daudin
Nanotechnology, 2016, 27 (45), pp.455603. ⟨10.1088/0957-4484/27/45/455603⟩
Journal articles cea-01851933v1

Nonpolar m-plane GaN/AlGaN heterostructures with intersubband transitions in the 5-10 THz band.

C B Lim , A Ajay , C. Bougerol , Benedikt Haas , J Schörmann
Nanotechnology, 2015, 26 (43), pp.435201. ⟨10.1088/0957-4484/26/43/435201⟩
Journal articles hal-01226731v1

Design and Synthesis of New Hybrid Molecules That Activate the Transcription Factor Nrf2 and Simultaneously Release Carbon Monoxide

Jayne Louise Wilson , Sarah Fayad kobeissi , Souhila Oudir , Benjamin Haas , Brian Michel
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014, 20 (45), pp.14698-14704. ⟨10.1002/chem.201403901⟩
Journal articles hal-03124462v1

Soft Photon Problem in Leptonic B-decays

Damir Becirevic , Benjamin Haas , Emi Kou
Physics Letters B, 2009, 681, pp.257-263. ⟨10.1016/j.physletb.2009.10.017⟩
Journal articles hal-00419182v1

g(B*Bpi)-coupling in the static heavy quark limit

Damir Becirevic , Benoit Blossier , Emmanuel Chang , Benjamin Haas
Physics Letters B, 2009, 679, pp.231-236. ⟨10.1016/j.physletb.2009.07.031⟩
Journal articles hal-00391041v1

Control of a state-wide pool of hybrid heating systems to decrease the GHG emissions of heating

Marianne Biéron , Jérôme Le Dréau , Benjamin Haas
Building Simulation 2021, Sep 2021, Bruges, Belgium
Conference papers hal-03337471v1
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Peut-on éviter des émissions de CO2 en pilotant l'appoint gaz de pompes à chaleur hybrides ?

Marianne Biéron , Jérôme Le Dréau , Benjamin Haas
Conférence IBPSA France (Conférence Francophone de l'International Building Performance Simulation Association), Nov 2020, Reims, France
Conference papers hal-03073851v2
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Dynamic Bayesian Networks to simulate occupant behaviours in office buildings related to indoor air quality

Khadija Tijani , Stéphane Ploix , Benjamin Haas , Julie Dugdale , Quoc Dung Ngo
IBPSA India 2015, Dec 2015, Hyderabad, India
Conference papers hal-01317167v1
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Towards a general framework for an observation and knowledge based model of occupant behaviour in office buildings

Khadija Tijani , Dung Ngo , Stéphane Ploix , Benjamin Haas , Julie Dugdale
IBPC 2015 Turin, Jun 2015, Turin, Italy
Conference papers hal-01212822v1
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Etudes de sensibilité avec COMETH

Benjamin Haas , Paul Jallet , Christophe Gay , Khadija Tijani
IBPSA France, Apr 2014, Arras, France
Conference papers hal-01087137v1
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Solution pour l'interopérabilité avec COMETH

Benjamin Haas , Patrick Corrales
IBPSA France, Apr 2014, Arras, France
Conference papers hal-01087123v1
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Comparison between purely statistical and multi-agent based approaches for occupant behaviour modeling in buildings

Khadija Tijani , Ayesha Kashif , Quoc Dung Ngo , Stéphane Ploix , Benjamin Haas
IBPSA 2014 France, May 2014, Arras, France
Conference papers hal-01212815v1