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Dominique Guillaud



**FORMATION & CAREER** 2012: Senior researcher at IRD (French institute of Research for Development), PALOC UMR IRD-MNHN, Paris. 1999: Senior researcher at IRD, UR 92 Adentrho, IRD Orleans Center. 1989: PHD in Humanities, Regional and Economical Géography, Paris X-Nanterre University. *L'espace d'une chefferie. Construction et gestion d'un territoire sahélien : le pays d'Aribinda (Burkina-Faso)*. 1984: Research Fellow at IRD. **RESEARCH FIELDS, PARTNERSHIPS** 2012-2019: East Timor, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Timorese Secretary of State for Art and Culture. 2007-2011: Laos, ANR-Les Suds program, Lao National Academy of Social Sciences. 2003-2007: Outer islands of Sumatra (Indonesia), Puslit Arkenas-Unesco Jakarta. 1993-2004: South Sumatra (Indonesia), Puslit Arkenas Jakarta, E.F.E.O. 1993-1997: New Caledonia, Northern Province. 1989-1992: Province of Jambi (Indonesia), SEAMEO-BIOTROP Bogor. 1982-1989: Province of Soum (Burkina Faso). **RESEARCH MANAGEMENT & COORDINATION** • Coordinator of the ANR-PRC Program "Cultural Policies, Local Heritage and Collaborative Approaches in Eastern Insulindia (POPEI-Coll, 2019-2022), IRD / CNRS and local partners in East Timor and Indonesia. Co-director of the Observatory of Heritage @Sorbonne-Universités (OPUS), 2016-2019. • Coordinator of the French Ministry of Culture program "Masters of speech in Timor Leste" (TIMLEST), call “Scientific and technical practices with regard to cultural policies”, 2016-2018. • Director of research unit 208 PALOC (Local Heritage) associating IRD and the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) from 2009 to 2016. • Coordination of IRD PAREGO/HEREGO Regional Priority Programme ("Heritage, Resources and Governance in Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean"), 2010-2015. • Director of research unit 092 ADENTRHO of IRD ( "Human adaptation to tropical environments during the Holocene") from 2005 to 2008. • Coordinator of the ANR-Les Suds program "Sedentary settlements in the Mekong region: identity, techniques, territories and environments" (2007-2011), NAFRI - Lao National Academy of Social Sciences / University of Silpakorn Bangkok. **CURRENT SCIENTIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES** • Elected Member of IRD Scientific council, since January 2017. • Nominated member of the Scientific Council of MNHN Department « Homme et Environnement » since January 2018. • Expert at the Environment Alliance (AllEnvi), for GT “Resources and Territories” 2011-15. • Member of MuCEM (Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée) Programming and Assessing Commitee since January 2014. **CURRENT LECTURES, STUDENTS MANAGEMENT** • Coordination of M2 Module “Natural and cultural heritage: issues and approaches” (MSCS 4), Master "Museology: Science cultures and societies" of MNHN, since 2016. • Co-coordinator of M2 module "Heritage Mise en scène in the South" (MSCS23), Master "Museology: Science cultures and societies" of MNHN, 2011-2015. • Co-coordinator for the module 2HP33 "Local Heritage", in course Heritage, Societies, North-South Relationships, since 2015. • PhD Director of Brunna Crespi (Brazil), IRD grant, East Timor, 2015-2018. • PhD co-Director of Peter Nganga Glitau (Kenya), IRD grant, Kenya, since 2018.


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Heritage, agro-biodiversity and the local populations : some examples from the use of palm trees in East Timor

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Cartographier les ressources pour gérer les priorités

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Forêt conservée, forêt détruite : l'histoire différenciée du paysage dans deux îles indonésiennes [encadré 1]

Dominique Guillaud
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Des mémoires récupérées aux patrimoines survalorisés : pour une démarche réflexive sur les acteurs du patrimoines : conclusion

Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem , Dominique Guillaud
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Identities, territories and agricultural practices : some landmarks for the preservation of local communities' heritage in East Timor

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Territoires locaux et développement

Dominique Guillaud
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Le temps long des territoires et des patrimoines : exemples des îles de Siberut et Nias (Indonésie)

Dominique Guillaud
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Insular models of technical change : Sumatra, Nias and Siberut (Indonesia)

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Archeology of the rainforest in Siberut (Mentawai archipelago, west Sumatra) : the paradox of lithic and vegetal technology in past and present times

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