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elodie de boissieu



Doctor in marketing since 2019 (Université Paris-Est) and graduated from EM-Lyon (PGE) and HEC-Montreal (BAA), Elodie de Boissieu has gained a double expertise in marketing and communication mixing a professional background in the luxury industry and services (more than fifteen years in different luxury companies such as Baccarat, Lalique, Christofle, Yves Rocher Group, Les Echos Etudes, etc.) as well as an academic one (more than eight years of experience in education field in particular with the development and the management of a business school specialized in luxury marketing, EIML Paris). In 2020, she was appointed Academic Director at EM-Normandy and created and launched a new MSC/M2 programme dedicated to digital marketing in luxury. In this context, she deployed her fields of research on innovative technologies, in particular in blockchain applications. Elodie de Boissieu is teaching brand management and marketing in luxury at EM-Normandie and ESSEC business school. She also published in Decision Marketing, and wrote in books edited by Ellipses, Eyrolles and Dunod. Resarch thematics : blockchain, experience, luxury, brand, store, gastronomy, haute cuisine, restaurant, chef