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Guilherme Alcantara Pinto



Abstract I hold an Industrial Engineering degree from IFMG Congonhas (2013-2018, Brazil) and a master's degree in Business Administration, focusing on Strategic Management and Innovation from UFLA (2018-2020, Brazil). Currently, I'm member of the Laboratoire Génie Industriel at the Université Paris-Saclay (France) and the research committee Prévention et Performance. In my Ph.D. thesis, I tackle the tension between production/safety goals inside construction companies in France, stressing how knowledge management could be a possible solution to this organizational conflict. Over the last five years, my research interests aim to propose management systems that support good working conditions while also bringing strategic gains to the organization and society, employing qualitative and quantitative methodologies. I enjoy engaging with science communication activities and am the founder of Researcher's Log media, which aims to bring cutting-edge management practices to organizations and research methods insights to researchers while bringing science closer to society. Do not hesitate to reach me at: or at the academic Twitter @guitaqui. I've been a teaching assistant for 6 months in the Operations Management and Supply Chain course. My class experience seeks to entail active methodologies such as role-playing, debate, and case studies. I advise MBA students on their final project in the Data Science and Digital Business course at the University of São Paulo. My blog page: The most complete version of my CV: I'm developing my thesis under the supervision of Isabelle Nicolaï. Citaions at Google Scholar: 28 (last update - September 7th, 2022) H-Index: 2 My top five publications by now ![]( **[PINTO, Guilherme, A.](**; NICOLAÏ, I. ; MICHELOT, C. . Knowledge Management as driver for prevention and performance trade-offs. In: 8th International Conference on Information Management, 2022, Cambridge, UK. ICIM 2022 conference Proceeding, 2022. **![]( **PINTO, G. A**[.](**; Salamé, J. M. ; NICOLAÏ, I. . Can we break organizational beliefs in the construction sector? Investigating possible paths to Safety Performance Measurements research. In: XXIV Seminars in Business Administration - SemeAd, 2021, São Paulo. XXIV SemeAd's annals, 2021. [VIEIRA, C. K.]( ; **PINTO, GUILHERME ALCÂNTARA** ; SUGANO, JOEL YUTAKA ; CARVALHO, E. G. ; GRUTZMANN, A. . Does Network Effect Have an Influence on the Acceptance of Airbnb?. Global Business Review![](, v. 22, p. 1-15, 2021. ****PINTO, G. A**[.](**; VIEIRA, C. K. CARVALHO, E. G. ; SUGANO, J. Y. . Applying the lazy user theory to understand the motivations for choosing carpooling over public transport. SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION![](, v. 20, p. 243-252, 2019. ASSIS DE SOUZA, THAIS ; **ALCÂNTARA PINTO, GUILHERME** ; RODRIGUES ANTUNES, LUIZ GUILHERME ; GRÜTZMANN, ANDRÉ . SIPOC-OI: a proposal for open innovation in supply chains. Innovation & Management Review![](, v. XXX, p. XXX, 2022.