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An agent-based architecture of the digital twin for an emergency department

Thierry Moyaux , Yinling Liu , Guillaume Bouleux , Vincent Cheutet
Sustainability, 2023, 15 (4), pp.3412. ⟨10.3390/su15043412⟩
Journal articles hal-03986504v1

Using a manifold-based approach to extract clinical codes associated with winter respiratory viruses at an emergency department

Clément Péalat , Guillaume Bouleux , Vincent Cheutet , Maxime Maignan , Luc Provoost
Expert Systems with Applications, 2023, 230, pp.120620. ⟨10.1016/j.eswa.2023.120620⟩
Journal articles hal-04136548v1

Hybrid simulation modelling of emergency departments for resource scheduling

Yinling Liu , Thierry Moyaux , Guillaume Bouleux , Vincent Cheutet
Journal of Simulation, In press, pp.1-16. ⟨10.1080/17477778.2023.2187321⟩
Journal articles hal-04031528v1
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Improved time series clustering based on new geometric frameworks

Clément Pealat , Guillaume Bouleux , Vincent Cheutet
Pattern Recognition, 2022, 124, pp.108423. ⟨10.1016/j.patcog.2021.108423⟩
Journal articles hal-03457460v1
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Evaluating the Increased Burden of Cardiorespiratory Illness Visits to Adult Emergency Departments During Flu and Bronchiolitis Outbreaks in the Pediatric Population: Retrospective Multicentric Time Series Analysis

Benoit Morel , Guillaume Bouleux , Alain Viallon , Maxime Maignan , Luc Provoost
JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, 2022, 8 (3), pp.e25532. ⟨10.2196/25532⟩
Journal articles hal-03607529v1

Understanding the situation at a glance : the powerful value added of complex networks to analyse humanitarian operations

Aurelie Charles , Guillaume Bouleux , Chantal Cherifi
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, In press
Journal articles hal-03623244v1
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Information Topological Characterization of Periodically Correlated Processes by Dilation Operators

Guillaume Bouleux , Maël Dugast , Eric Marcon
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2019, 65 (10), pp.6484-6495. ⟨10.1109/TIT.2019.2923217⟩
Journal articles hal-02152069v1

Representation and Characterization of Nonstationary Processes by Dilation Operators and Induced Shape Space Manifolds

Maël Dugast , Guillaume Bouleux , Eric Marcon
Entropy, 2018, 20 (9), pp.717. ⟨10.3390/e20090717⟩
Journal articles hal-02166149v1
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Improving Health Care Management Through Persistent Homology of Time-Varying Variability of Emergency Department Patient Flow

Maël Dugast , Guillaume Bouleux , Olivier Mory , Eric Marcon
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2018, 23 (5), pp.2174--2181. ⟨10.1109/JBHI.2018.2882748⟩
Journal articles hal-01927284v1
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Sparse-based estimation performance for partially known overcomplete large-systems

Guillaume Bouleux , Remy Boyer
Signal Processing, 2017, 139, pp.70-74. ⟨10.1016/j.sigpro.2017.04.010⟩
Journal articles hal-01514154v1
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Early Index for Detection of Pediatric Emergency Department Crowding

Guillaume Bouleux , Eric Marcon , Olivier Mory
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2015, 19 (6), pp.1929-1936. ⟨10.1109/JBHI.2014.2350996⟩
Journal articles hal-01359977v1
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Prior Knowledge Optimum Understanding by Means of Oblique Projectors and Their First Order Derivatives

Guillaume Bouleux
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2013, 20, pp.205 - 208. ⟨10.1109/LSP.2013.2238928⟩
Journal articles hal-01508680v1
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Oblique projection pre-processing and TLS application for diagnosing rotor bar defects by improving power spectrum estimation

Guillaume Bouleux
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2013, 41, pp.301 - 312. ⟨10.1016/j.ymssp.2013.06.018⟩
Journal articles hal-01508672v1
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Optimal prior knowledge-based direction of arrival estimation

Petter Wirfält , Guillaume Bouleux , Magnus Jansson , Petre Stoica
IET Signal Processing, 2012, 6, pp.731 - 742. ⟨10.1049/iet-spr.2011.0453⟩
Journal articles hal-01555277v1
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Oblique projections for direction-of-arrival estimation with prior knowledge

Remy Boyer , Guillaume Bouleux
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2008, 56 (4), 14 p
Journal articles hal-00575873v1
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Requirements for a digital twin for an emergency department

Guillaume Bouleux , Hind Bril El Haouzi , Vincent Cheutet , Guillaume Demesure , William Derigent
12th International Workshop on Service Oriented, Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing Systems for Industry of the Future, SOHOMA’22, Sep 2022, Bucharest, Romania
Conference papers hal-03878384v1
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Résolution de problèmes de recherche opérationnelle par l'approche des flots sur les variétés

Guillaume Bouleux
23ème congrès annuel de la Société Française de Recherche Opérationnelle et d'Aide à la Décision, INSA Lyon, Feb 2022, Villeurbanne - Lyon, France
Conference papers hal-03595403v1

A multi-layer network approach to model the situation before and after the occurrence of humanitarian crisis

Aurelie Charles , Chantal Cherifi , Guillaume Bouleux
EURO-Hope 2021, Nov 2021, Helsinki, France
Conference papers hal-03579441v1
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Towards a holistic modeling of the humanitarian crisis complex relief system

Chantal Cherifi , Guillaume Bouleux , Aurélie Charles
French Regional Conference on Complex Systems (FRCCS), May 2021, Dijon, France
Conference papers hal-03355075v1
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Improved Time-Series Clustering with UMAP dimension reduction method

Clément Pealat , Guillaume Bouleux , Vincent Cheutet
ICPR 2020 - 25th Internation conference in Pattern Recognition, Jan 2021, Milano (virtual), Italy
Conference papers hal-03188503v1
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Extracting Most Impacting Emergency Department Patient Flow By Embedding Laboratory-confirmed and Clinical Diagnosis on The Stiefel Manifold

Clément Pealat , Guillaume Bouleux , Vincent Cheutet
IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI 2019), May 2019, Chicago, United States. 4 p
Conference papers hal-02141166v1
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Emergency Department Admissions Overflow Modeling by a Clustering of Time Evolving Clinical Diagnoses

Gregory Soler , Guillaume Bouleux , Eric Marcon , Aymeric Cantais , Sylvie Pillet
14th IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE 2018), Aug 2018, Munich, Germany
Conference papers hal-01885975v1

Information topological characterization for non-stationary random processes

Maël Dugast , Guillaume Bouleux , Eric Marcon
International conference Entropy 2018: From Physics to Information Sciences and Geometry, May 2018, Barcelone, Spain
Conference papers hal-02008129v1
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Emergency Department Overcrowding Detection by a Multifractal Analysis

Sid'Ahmed Emine , Guillaume Bouleux , H Haouba , Eric Marcon
10th IFAC Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems (IFACBMS 2018), Sep 2018, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Conference papers hal-01876444v1

Geometry of Stochastic Processes induced by the Dilation

Maël Dugast , Guillaume Bouleux , Eric Marcon
International conference on Topological and Geometric Structures of Information (TGSI 2017), Aug 2017, Marseille, France
Conference papers hal-02008121v1
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Voltage Sags Estimation in Three-Phase Systems using Unconditional Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Vincent V. Choqueuse , A Belouchrani , Guillaume Bouleux , Mohamed Benbouzid
40th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2015), IEEE, Apr 2015, Brisbane, Australia. pp.2869 - 2873, ⟨10.1109/ICASSP.2015.7178495⟩
Conference papers hal-01146218v1
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Acquisition Comprimée intégrant une Connaissance Partielle du Modèle d'Observation: Analyse Asymptotique

Guillaume Bouleux , Remy Boyer
25eme Colloque GRETSI 2015, Sep 2015, Lyon, France
Conference papers hal-01178326v1
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Sequential estimation of the range and the bearing using the zero-forcing MUSIC approach

Mohammed Nabil El Korso , Guillaume Bouleux , Remy Boyer , Sylvie Marcos
The 17th European Signal Processing Conference, (EUSIPCO'09), 2009, Glasgow, European Union. pp.1-5
Conference papers inria-00445463v1
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Guillaume Bouleux , Petre Stoica , Remy Boyer
17th Europeen Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO, Aug 2009, Glasgow, United Kingdom. pp.117
Conference papers hal-00456900v1
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Une méthode Optimale pour l'estimation des directions d'arrivées basée sur des connaissances a priori

Guillaume Bouleux , Petre Stoica , Remy Boyer
XXII Colloque GRETSI, Sep 2009, Dijon, France. pp.120
Conference papers hal-00456929v1

Estimation séquentielle des paramètres de localisation en champ proche à l'aide de l'approche zero-forcing

Mohammed Nabil El Korso , Guillaume Bouleux , Remy Boyer , Sylvie Marcos
22ème édition du colloque GRETSI, 2009, Dijon, France. pp.264-267
Conference papers inria-00445465v1
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Remy Boyer , Guillaume Bouleux , Karim Abed-Meraim
European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2006), 2006, Florence, Italy
Conference papers hal-00577275v1

Cramér-Rao lower bound for prior-subspace estimation

Remy Boyer , Guillaume Bouleux
IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Processing, Jul 2006, Waltham, United States
Conference papers hal-01251664v1

Analysis of prior-subspace estimation schemes

Guillaume Bouleux , Remy Boyer
IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Processing, Jul 2006, Waltham, United States
Conference papers hal-01251669v1

Subspace-based estimation of direction-of-arrival with known directions

Guillaume Bouleux , Remy Boyer
European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Sep 2006, Florence, Italy
Conference papers hal-01251684v1
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Pilotage des urgences par analyse et exploitation géométrique et topologique des flux de patients

Guillaume Bouleux
Géométrie différentielle [math.DG]. INSA Lyon; Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, 2022
Habilitation à diriger des recherches tel-03621471v1