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<a name="_Toc523234168"></a><a name="_Toc523480012"></a>1. Publications scientifiques ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \[A1\] Dufrêne, E., **Davi**, H., François, C., Maire, G. le, Dantec, V.L., Granier, A., 2005. Modelling carbon and water cycles in a beech forest: Part I: Model description and uncertainty analysis on modelled NEE. *Ecological Modelling* 185, 407–436. doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2005.01.004 \[A2\] **Davi**, H., Dufrêne, E., Granier, A., Le Dantec, V., Barbaroux, C., François, C., Bréda, N., 2005. 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Impact of local soil and subsoil conditions on inter-individual variations in tree responses to drought: insights from Electrical Resistivity Tomography

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Improving the estimation of landscape scale seed dispersal by integrating seedling recruitment

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Estimation of forest Leaf Area Index from SPOT imagery using NDVI distribution over homogeneous stands.

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International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2006, 27, pp.885-902
Journal articles hal-00294077v1
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Forest leaf area index determination : a multiyear satelliteindependent method based on within-stand normalized difference vegetation index spatial variability

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Journal of Geophysical Research, 2006, 111 (G2), pp.G02027. ⟨10.1029/2005JG000122⟩
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Effect of spatial parameters aggregation for modelling carbon and water fluxes in forest ecosystems.

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Modelling carbon and water cycles in a beech forest. Part II : validation of the main processes from organ to stand scale

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Modelling carbon and water cycles in a beech forest Part I : model description and uncertainty analysis on modelled NEE

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Modeling annual production and carbon fluxes of a large managed temperate forest using forest inventories, satellite data and field measurements

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