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Jules, Thomas fleury



Ingénieur de recherche en géomatique
Research Engineer in Geomatics Full description of my scientific interests


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Provenance of aeolian sands from the southeastern Sahara from a detrital zircon perspective

Alexis Licht , Adrien Folch , Nathan Cogné , Moussa Abderamane , Abel Guihou
Quaternary Science Reviews, 2024, 328, pp.108539. ⟨10.1016/j.quascirev.2024.108539⟩
Journal articles insu-04464951v1

Repeated failures of the giant Beshkiol Landslide and their impact on the long-term Naryn Basin floodings, Kyrgyz Tien Shan

J. Losen , M. Rizza , A. Nutz , M. Henriquet , M. Schuster
Geomorphology, 2024, 453, pp.109121. ⟨10.1016/j.geomorph.2024.109121⟩
Journal articles hal-04505127v1
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Investigation of stochastic-threshold incision models across a climatic and morphological gradient

Clément Desormeaux , Vincent Godard , Dimitri Lague , Guillaume Duclaux , Jules Fleury
Earth Surface Dynamics, 2022, 10 (3), pp.473-492. ⟨10.5194/esurf-10-473-2022⟩
Journal articles hal-03690052v1
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The Geotouristic Project “the Geological Adventure” to the Rescue of an Iconic World Heritage Geosite, the Ammonites Slab of Digne-les-Bains (National Geological Nature Reserve of Haute-Provence and Unesco Global Geopark, France)

Didier Bert , Violaine Bousquet , Myette Guiomar , Francesco Bariani , Emmanuel Faure
Geoheritage, 2022, 14 (3), pp.101. ⟨10.1007/s12371-022-00739-z⟩
Journal articles insu-03767996v1
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Bedrock fault roughness resolves slip increments of large earthquakes: Case studies from Central Italy

Olaf Zielke , Lucilla Benedetti , Paul Martin Mai , Jules Fleury , Magali Rizza
Tectonophysics, 2022, 838, pp.229502. ⟨10.1016/j.tecto.2022.229502⟩
Journal articles hal-03871694v1

36Cl exposure dating of glacial features to constrain the slip rate along the Mt. Vettore Fault (Central Apennines, Italy)

Lea Pousse-Beltran , Lucilla Benedetti , Jules Fleury , Paolo Boncio , Valery Guillou
Geomorphology, 2022, 412, pp.108302. ⟨10.1016/j.geomorph.2022.108302⟩
Journal articles hal-03871709v1
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Slip rate determined from cosmogenic nuclides on normal-fault facets

Jim Tesson , Lucilla Benedetti , Vincent Godard , Catherine Novaes , Jules Fleury
Geology, 2021, 49 (1), pp.66-70. ⟨10.1130/G47644.1⟩
Journal articles hal-03453637v1
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Assessing post-Pliocene deformation in a context of slow tectonic deformation: Insights from paleoseismology, remote sensing and shallow geophysics in Provence, France

Franck Thomas , Magali Rizza , Olivier Bellier , Jérémy Billant , Philippe Dussouillez
Natural Hazards, 2021, 105 (2), pp.1453-1490. ⟨10.1007/s11069-020-04362-5⟩
Journal articles hal-03143325v1
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Seismo‐tectonic model for the southern Pre‐Rif border (Northern Morocco): Insights from morphochronology

Kamal Agharroud , Lionel Siame , Abdelkhalak Ben Moussa , Olivier Bellier , Valéry Guillou
Journal articles hal-03194765v1
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Transient hillslope erosion in slow evolution landscapes

Vincent Godard , Salgado A. , L Siame , Jules Fleury , Team Aster
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 2021, 46 (12), pp.2485-2500. ⟨10.1002/esp.5190⟩
Journal articles hal-03346897v2
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Easily Implemented Methods of Radiometric Corrections for Hyperspectral-UAV-Application to Guianese Equatorial Mudbanks Colonized by Pioneer Mangroves

Marion Jaud , Guillaume Sicot , Guillaume Brunier , Emma Michaud , Nicolas Le Dantec
Remote Sensing, 2021, 13 (23), pp.4792. ⟨10.3390/rs13234792⟩
Journal articles insu-03456329v1
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Reef response to sea-level and environmental changes in the Central South Pacific over the past 6,000 years

N. Hallmann , G Camoin , Anton Eisenhauer , Elias Samankassou , Claude Vella
Global and Planetary Change, 2020, 195, pp.103357. ⟨10.1016/j.gloplacha.2020.103357⟩
Journal articles hal-03435146v1
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Hillslope denudation and morphologic response to a rock uplift gradient

Vincent Godard , Jean-Claude Hippolyte , Edward Cushing , Nicolas Espurt , Jules Fleury
Earth Surface Dynamics, 2020, 8 (2), pp.221 - 243. ⟨10.5194/esurf-8-221-2020⟩
Journal articles hal-02539133v1
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Comparing Slip Distribution of an Active Fault System at Various Timescales: Insights for the Evolution of the Mt. Vettore‐Mt. Bove Fault System in Central Apennines

Irene Puliti , Alberto Pizzi , Lucilla Benedetti , Alessandra Di Domenica , Jules Fleury
Tectonics, 2020, 39 (9), ⟨10.1029/2020TC006200⟩
Journal articles hal-03004675v1
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Assessing the relationship between macro-faunal burrowing activity and mudflat geomorphology from UAV-based Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry

Guillaume Brunier , Emma Michaud , Jules Fleury , Edward J. Anthony , Sylvain Morvan
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2020, 241, pp.111717. ⟨10.1016/j.rse.2020.111717⟩
Journal articles hal-03021798v1
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Le canal de Marius : réflexions autour d'une nouvelle hypothèse de tracé dans le secteur des Marais de Vigueirat

Corinne Rousse , Souen Fontaine , Corinne Landuré , Frédéric Marty , Yoann Quesnel
Revue archéologique de Narbonnaise, 2020, 2019 (52), pp.109-120
Journal articles hal-03227450v1

Publisher Correction: A database of the coseismic effects following the 30 October 2016 Norcia earthquake in Central Italy

Fabio Villani , Paolo Marco de Martini , Riccardo Civico , Stefano Pucci , Rosa Nappi
Scientific Data , 2019, 6 (1), ⟨10.1038/s41597-018-0001-6⟩
Journal articles hal-02476819v1
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Transient landscape dynamics across the Southeastern Australian Escarpment

Vincent Godard , Anthony Dosseto , Jules Fleury , Olivier Bellier , Lionel Siame
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2019, 506, pp.397-406. ⟨10.1016/j.epsl.2018.11.017⟩
Journal articles hal-02085967v1
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Reconstructing human-environment interactions in the western Messara Plain (Phaistos, Crete, Greece) from the emergence of city states to Byzantine times

Matthieu Ghilardi , Jordi Revelles , Arthur Glais , Tatiana Theodoropoulou , Katerina Theodorakopoulou
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2019, 26, pp.101909. ⟨10.1016/j.jasrep.2019.101909⟩
Journal articles hal-02172980v1
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Ice volume and climate changes from a 6000 year sea-level record in French Polynesia

N. Hallmann , G. Camoin , A. Eisenhauer , A. Botella , G. A Milne
Nature Communications, 2018, 9 (1), ⟨10.1038/s41467-017-02695-7⟩
Journal articles hal-01708506v1
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First evidence of a lake at Ancient Phaistos (Messara Plain, South-Central Crete, Greece): Reconstructing paleoenvironments and differentiating the roles of human land-use and paleoclimate from Minoan to Roman times

Matthieu Ghilardi , David Psomiadis , Valérie Andrieu-Ponel , Maxime Colleu , Pavlos Sotiropoulos
The Holocene, 2018, 28 (8), pp.1225-1244. ⟨10.1177/0959683618771473⟩
Journal articles hal-01871064v1
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Coseismic Slip Vectors of 24 August and 30 October 2016 Earthquakes in Central Italy: Oblique Slip and Regional Kinematic Implications

Eugenie Perouse , Lucilla Benedetti , Jules Fleury , Magali Rizza , Irene Puliti
Tectonics, 2018, 37 (10), pp.3760-3781. ⟨10.1029/2018TC005083⟩
Journal articles hal-01934264v1
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A database of the coseismic effects following the 30 October 2016 Norcia earthquake in Central Italy

Fabio Villani , Riccardo Civico , Stefano Pucci , Luca Pizzimenti , Rosa Nappi
Scientific Data , 2018, 5, pp.180049. ⟨10.1038/sdata.2018.49⟩
Journal articles hal-01794665v1

Apport de la photogrammétrie au suivi topographique de la flèche littorale de Joal (Sénégal)

Mahamadou Sadio , Philippe Dussouillez , Jules Fleury , Amadou Tahirou Diaw , Edward J. Anthony
Photo-Interprétation. European Journal of Applied Remote Sensing (PIEJARS), 2017, 51 (3), pp.37-45
Journal articles hal-01630703v1
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Shoreline Changes on the Wave-Influenced Senegal River Delta, West Africa: The Roles of Natural Processes and Human Interventions

Mamadou Sadio , Edward J. Anthony , Amadou Tahirou Diaw , Philippe Dussouillez , Jules Fleury
Water, 2017, 9 (6), pp.357. ⟨10.3390/w9050357⟩
Journal articles hal-01708511v1
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Weathering-limited hillslope evolution in carbonate landscapes

Vincent Godard , Vincent Ollivier , Olivier Bellier , Cécile Miramont , Esmaeil Shabanian
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2016, 446, pp.10 - 20. ⟨10.1016/j.epsl.2016.04.017⟩
Journal articles hal-01785669v2
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Aléa et risque sismique en Provence: tectonique active et sismotectonique des Failles de la Moyenne Durance et de la Trévaresse

Olivier Bellier , S Molliex , M. Cushing , F. Hollender , Ph Dussouillez
Bulletin d'information des géologues du Bassin de Paris, 2016
Journal articles hal-01780344v1
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Les ports dans l'espace méditerranéen antique : Narbonne et les systèmes portuaires fluvio-lagunaires

Claude Vella , Corinne Landure , Luc Long , Philippe Dussouillez , J. Fleury
Revue archéologique de Narbonnaise, 2016
Journal articles hal-01471900v1
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The PRECOS framework: Measuring the impacts of the global changes on soils, water, agriculture on territories to better anticipate the future

Fabienne Trolard , Guilhem Bourrié , Antoine Baillieux , Samuel Buis , André Chanzy
Journal of Environmental Management, 2016, 181, pp.590-601. ⟨10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.07.002⟩
Journal articles hal-03353088v1
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The Role of Catastrophic Floods Generated by Collapse of Natural Dams Since the Neolithic in the Oases of Bukhara and Qaraqöl: Preliminary Results

Eric Fouache , Rocco Rante , Djamal Mirzaakhmedov , Rachid Ragala , Malvina Dupays
International Journal of Geohazards and Environment , 2016, 2 (3), pp.150-165. ⟨10.15273/ijge.2016.03.015⟩
Journal articles hal-01471802v1

Close-range airborne Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry for high-resolution beach morphometric surveys: Examples from an embayed rotating beach

Jules Fleury , Guillaume Brunier , Edward J. Anthony , Antoine Gardel , Philippe Dussouillez
Geomorphology, 2016, 261, pp.76 - 88. ⟨10.1016/j.geomorph.2016.02.025⟩
Journal articles hal-01713812v1

Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry for high-resolution coastal and fluvial geomorphic surveys

Guillaume Brunier , Jules Fleury , Edward J. Anthony , Virginie Pothin , Claude Vella
Géomorphologie : relief, processus, environnement, 2016, 22 (2), pp.147-161. ⟨10.4000/geomorphologie.11358⟩
Journal articles hal-01483281v1

Long-term denudation of carbonate landscapes, insights from the Luberon Mountains, Provence, France

Vincent Godard , C. Miramont , O Bellier , Jules Fleury , V. Ollivier
Geophysical Research Abstracts, 2015, 17
Journal articles hal-01429976v1

Dating the bridge at Avignon (south France) and reconstructing the Rhone River fluvial palaeo-landscape in Provence from medieval to modern times

Matthieu Ghilardi , David Sanderson , Tim Kinnaird , Andrew Bicket , Simone Balossino
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2015, 4, pp.336-354. ⟨10.1016/j.jasrep.2015.10.002⟩
Journal articles hal-01242844v1

Géoarchéologie du Rhône dans le secteur du pont Saint-Bénézet (Avignon, Provence, France) au cours de la seconde moitié du deuxième millénaire apr. J.-C. : étude croisée de géographie historique et des paléoenvironnements

Marc-Antoine Vella , Matthieu Ghilardi , Ousmane Diouf , Jean-Claude Parisot , Daniel Hermitte
Géomorphologie : relief, processus, environnement, 2013, 19 (3), pp.287-309. ⟨10.4000/geomorphologie.10300⟩
Journal articles hal-00955018v1
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Pan-African Paleostresses and Reactivation of the Eburnean Basement Complex in Southeast Ghana (West Africa)

Mahaman Sani Tairou , Pascal Affaton , Solomon Anum , Jules Fleury
Journal of Geological Research, 2012, 2012, ⟨10.1155/2012/938927⟩
Journal articles hal-01258644v1
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First evidence of accumulation of mega boulders on the Mediterranean rocky coast of Provence (southern France)

Claude Vella , François Demory , Victor Canut , Philippe Dussouillez , Jules Fleury
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2011, 11 (3), pp.905-914. ⟨10.5194/nhess-11-905-2011⟩
Journal articles hal-01471864v1

Morphostructural evolution of the Luberon since the Miocene (SE France)

Georges Clauzon , J. Fleury , Olivier Bellier , Stéphane Molliex , Ludovic Mocochain
Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, 2011, 182 (2), pp.95-110. ⟨10.2113/gssgfbull.182.2.95⟩
Journal articles hal-00628863v1

Indian Summer Monsoon variations could have affected the early-Holocene woodland expansion in the Near East

Morteza Djamali , Hossein Akhani , Valérie Andrieu-Ponel , Pascale Braconnot , Simon Brewer
The Holocene, 2010, 20 (5), pp.813-820. ⟨10.1177/0959683610362813⟩
Journal articles hal-03025992v1

Sediment budget of the Rhône delta shoreface since the middle of the 19th century

François Sabatier , Grégoire Maillet , Mireille Provansal , J. Fleury , Serge S. Suanez
Marine Geology, 2006, 234 (1-4), pp.143-157
Journal articles hal-00082646v1

Evolution of the Rhône delta plain in the Holocene

Claude Vella , Jules Fleury , Guillaume Raccasi , Mireille Provansal , François Sabatier
Marine Geology, 2005, 222-223, pp.235-265. ⟨10.1016/j.margeo.2005.06.028⟩
Journal articles hal-03223420v1

Discussion of: PASKOFF, R., 2004. Potential Implications of Sea-Level Rise for France. Journal of Coastal Research, 20(2), 424–434.

François Sabatier , Mireille Provansal , Jules Fleury
Journal of Coastal Research, 2005, 214, pp.860-864. ⟨10.2112/05-0459.1⟩
Journal articles hal-03223422v1

The ANR QUARTZ project: A multi-method approach for quartz characterisation in alluvial sediments for source-to-sink tracing and dosimetry

Hélène Tissoux , Philippe Lach , Magali Rizza , P. Voinchet , Claire Aupart
INQUA 2023 - International Union for Quaternary Research - XXI INQUA Congress Time for change, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, Jul 2023, Rome, Italy
Conference papers hal-03972667v1
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Evaluation topographique du tandem Drone Matrice 300RTK + LiDAR L1

Jules Fleury , Jean-Claude Raynal , Vincent Godard
Journées Drones & Cap' 2023, COPIL Drones & Cap', Nov 2023, Mur de Bretagne, France
Conference papers hal-04298315v1

Vestiges de formes fluviales en tant que les indicateurs de l’évolution climatique et hydraulique dans le delta du Rhône : Comparaison entre le Moyen Âge et la période moderne

Anna Kharlanova , Véronique Rinalducci , Claude Vella , Jules Fleury , Doriane Delanghe
Journée d'étude Sylitmed, La3m, Oct 2023, Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône), France
Conference papers halshs-04319917v1

Recherches récentes autour d'un paléochenal du Grand Rhône durant le PAG : Le Bras de Fer (1587-1711) à la croisée des sources historiques et des géosciences

Véronique Rinalducci , Claude Vella , Jules Fleury , Philippe Rigaud , Stéphane Durand
Ecrire l'Histoire des Interactions Climat-Société des Alpes à la Méditerranée. De l'Antiquité à nos jours. Quelles perspectives pour le XXIe siècle ? Workshop en l'hommage à l'Historien Georges Pichard, Nicolas Maughan, Olivier Bellier, Eric Faure, Nov 2023, Aix-en -Provence, France
Conference papers halshs-04317092v1
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L'utilisation des drones pour un suivi spatio-temporel des activités de bioturbation par les crabes des vasières tropicales

Emma Michaud , Guillaume Brunier , Jules Fleury , Marion Jaud , S Legranche
Journées Drones & Cap' 2023, COPIL Drones & Cap', Nov 2023, Mur de Bretagne, France
Conference papers hal-04299643v1

Estimating method of the overflowing volume deposits at the Little Ice Age applied to the fossil branch of the Rhône,Bras de Fer (France)

Anna Kharlanova , Jules Fleury , Claude Vella , Doriane Delanghe , Véronique Rinalducci
INQUA, Union Internationale pour la Recherche QUAternaire, Jul 2023, Rome, Italy
Conference papers halshs-04319922v1

Characterization and the volumes estimation of overflow deposits by a fossil branch of the Rhône, Bras de Fer (France), at the Little Ice Age through geomatics, sedimentology and geophysical tools

Anna Kharlanova , Claude Vella , Doriane Delanghe , Jules Fleury , Véronique Rinalducci
INQUA, Union Internationale pour la Recherche QUAternaire, Jul 2023, Rome, Italy
Conference papers halshs-04319925v1

Le Minier (France) : history and archaeology of medieval silver companies

Nicolas Minvielle Larousse , Jérôme Belmon , Marc Bompaire , Alain Bernat , Lucille Brevet
Ancient Mining and Metallurgy from Prehistory into the Modern Age - Stribrna Jihlava, Sep 2022, Jihlava, Czech Republic
Conference papers halshs-03894480v1
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Influence of discharge variability on denudation rates and relief : example from the south-eastern margin of the Massif Central, France

Clement Desormeaux , Vincent Godard , Dimitri Lague , Lucilla Benedetti , Jules Fleury
EGU General Assembly 2021, Apr 2021, Paris, France. ⟨10.5194/egusphere-egu21-9984⟩
Conference papers hal-03454826v1

Detecting transience in slow evolution landscapes using cosmogenic nuclides and high resolution morphometry

Vincent Godard , Andre Salgado , Lionel Siame , Jules Fleury , Team Aster
EGU General Assembly, Apr 2021, Vienna, Austria. ⟨10.5194/egusphere-egu21-10051⟩
Conference papers hal-03209511v1

36Cl exposure dating of post-glacial features along the Mt Vettore Fault (Central Apennines, Italy) constraining fault slip rate and last glacial advance.

Lea Pousse-Beltran , Lucilla Benedetti , Jules Fleury , Paolo Boncio , V. Guillou
EGU General Assembly 2021, Apr 2021, Paris, France. ⟨10.5194/egusphere-egu21-12653⟩
Conference papers hal-03455199v1

De l’apport de la pédagogie numérique en Sciences de la Terre par numérisation d’objet en 3D et mise en place de la collection numérique collaborative de la SGF

Baptiste Suchéras-Marx , Jules Fleury , Géologie Virtuelle Sgf
27ème Réunion des Sciences de la Terre, Nov 2021, Lyon, France
Conference papers hal-03538085v1

The use of 3D fossils for teaching and the SGF collection

Baptiste Suchéras-Marx , Philippe Goncalves , Antoine Triantafyllou , Jules Fleury , Yann Ternois
GeoPlaNet - Open days, Nov 2021, Nantes, France
Conference papers hal-03538046v1

Temporal evolution of surface processes inferred from Cosmogenic Nuclides in a slow erosion setting, insights from the Serra do Cipo range, Brazil

Vincent Godard , Andre Augusto Rodrigues Salgado , Lionel Siame , Jules Fleury , Team Aster
EGU General Assembly, 2020, Vienna, Austria
Conference papers hal-03543499v1
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Tectonics from topography : insights from high-resolution hillslope morphology analysis

Vincent Godard , Jean-Claude Hippolyte , Edward Cushing , Nicolas Espurt , Jules Fleury
EGU General Assembly 2020, 2020, VIenna, Austria. ⟨10.5194/egusphere-egu2020-2985⟩
Conference papers hal-03541364v1
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Temporal evolution of surface processes inferred from cosmogenic nuclides in a slow erosion setting, insights from the Sera do Cipo range, Brazil

Vincent Godard , André Salgado , Lionel Siame , Jules Fleury , Team Aster
EGU General Assembly, 2020, Vienna, Austria. ⟨10.5194/egusphere-egu2020-9427⟩
Conference papers hal-03541351v1

Hillslopes response across a tectonic gradient

Vincent Godard , Jean-Claude Hippolyte , Edward Cushing , Nicolas Espurt , Jules Fleury
AGU Fall Meeting, Dec 2019, San Francisco, United States
Conference papers hal-03028402v1

Hillslope denudation and morphologic response across a rock uplift gradient. Insights from the Valensole Plateau, Southeastern France. GM4.1/SSP2.11/TS4.5, Interactions among tectonics, climate and surface processes from mountain belts to basins. Identification number EGU2019-8489.

Vincent Godard , Jean-Claude Hippolyte , Edward Marc Cushing , Jules Fleury , O Bellier
EGU2019, Apr 2019, Vienne, Austria. pp.Identification number EGU2019-8489
Conference papers hal-02346824v1

Assessing biogeomorphology using drones: new perspectives for large-scale bioturbation studies

Emma Michaud , Guillaume Brunier , Jules Fleury , Edward J. Anthony , Antoine Gardel
Biological modification of the seabed: biogeochemical and ecological processes in a changing world, Aug 2017, Southampton, United States
Conference papers hal-03096648v1

High-resolution topography using SfM-photogrammetry from UAV for coastal mudflat geomorphic surveys

Jules Fleury , Guillaume Brunier , Emma Michaud , Edward J. Anthony , Sylvain Morvan
EGU General Assembly 2016, 2016, Vienna, Autriche. pp.EGU2016-15754
Conference papers hal-01270138v1

Morphodynamic rotation of an embayed sandy beach in a mud-dominated setting

Guillaume Brunier , Edward J. Anthony , Antoine Gardel , Bertrand Millet , Jules Fleury
EGU General Assembly, 2016, Apr 2016, Vienne, Austria
Conference papers hal-01256627v1

Assessing SfM-Photogrammetry potential at micro-scale on a rapidly evolving mud-bank: case study on a mesocosm study within pioneer mangroves in French Guiana (South America)

Jules Fleury , Guillaume Brunier , Emma Michaud , Edward J. Anthony , Philippe Dussouillez
EGU General Assembly 2016, EGU, 2016, Vienna, Austria
Conference papers hal-01270144v1

The archaeological site of Mariana (North East Corsica, France) and dynamics of the Holocene plain of the Golo from the Antiquity to the Modern period

Claude Vella , Philippe Dussouillez , Daniel Istria , Kévin Costa , Jules Fleury
GeoMedIslands 2015. The Geoarchaeology of the Mediterranean Islands Multidisciplinary approaches to palaeoenvironmental changes and the history of the human occupation in the Mediterranean islands since the Last Glacial Maximum (IESC,Cargèse, Corsica, 30 June-2 July 2015), Jun 2015, Cargèse, France
Conference papers hal-03453838v1

Évolution du fleuve Golo autour du site antique et médiéval de Mariana (Corse, France)

Claude Vella , Kévin Costa , Daniel Istria , Philippe Dussouillez , Matthieu Ghilardi
Matthieu Ghilardi; Franck Leandri; Jan Bloemendal; Laurent Lespez; Sylvian Fachard. Géoarchéologie des îles de Méditerranée, [Geomedislands 2015, Colloque International, Cargèse (Ajaccio, Corse), 30 juin-2 juillet 2015], CNRS éditions, pp.229-244, 2016, 9782271089151. ⟨10.4000/books.editionscnrs.28659⟩
Book sections hal-01441171v1
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Ports fluviaux, ports lagunaires du Rhône et son delta durant l'Antiquité. Mobilité environnementale et dynamiques géomorphologiques comme contraintes à l'aménagement (ports d'Arles, Fos/Saint-Gervais, Ulmet)

Claude Vella , Corinne Landuré , Luc Long , Philippe Dussouillez , Jules Fleury
C. Sanchez; M.-P. Jézégou. Les ports dans l'espace méditerranéen antique : Narbonne et les systèmes portuaires fluvio-lagunaires, actes du colloque international tenu à Montpellier du 22 au 24 mai 2014, 44, pp.353-368, 2016, Revue archéologique de Narbonnaise. Supplément
Book sections halshs-01957519v1