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Karine Chambefort-Kay

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The Staying Power project: photographic heritage as a site for dialogue and reconciliation

Karine Chambefort-Kay
Etudes Anglaises, 2023, 2
Journal articles hal-04264667v1

Iconographies of ‘Taking back control'

Karine Chambefort-Kay
Archivo Papers Journal, 2021, Mythologies of the 21st century, 1 (2)
Journal articles hal-04264648v1

Martin Parr’s Signs of the Times, A Portrait of the Nation’s Tastes: antidote pictures to consumerism?

Karine Chambefort-Kay
InMedia : the French Journal of Media and Media Representations in the English-Speaking World, 2018, 7 (1), ⟨10.4000/inmedia.1216⟩
Journal articles hal-04067955v1

Outdoor Leisure Activities in Simon Roberts’s We English Photographic Project: Re-writing landscape and nation

Karine Chambefort-Kay
Angles: French Perspectives on the Anglophone World, 2017, The culture and politics of leisure, 5, ⟨10.4000/angles.1241⟩
Journal articles hal-04068093v1

Bertrand Naivin, Selfie, Un nouveau regard photographique

Karine Chambefort-Kay
InMedia : the French Journal of Media and Media Representations in the English-Speaking World, 2017, 6
Journal articles hal-04264511v1

The 1990s and 2000s politicization of British photography over identity issues—class, ethnicity, nation—and beyond

Karine Chambefort-Kay
Image and Narrative, 2017, 18 (2)
Journal articles hal-04068065v1

Les Nouveaux modes d’engagement par la photographie en Grande-Bretagne

Karine Chambefort-Kay
Revue française de civilisation britannique, 2017, Forms of Activism in the United Kingdom (Grassroots Activism, Culture, Media), 22 (3)
Journal articles hal-04068108v1

Collaborative Documentary Photo Projects: from Techno-Utopia to Imagined Community

Karine Chambefort-Kay
Transatlantica. Revue d'études américaines/American Studies Journal, 2014, Photographie Documentaire, 2
Journal articles hal-04264525v1
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We English by Simon Roberts, " Banal Nationalism " in Landscape?

Karine Chambefort-Kay
E-CRINI - La revue électronique du Centre de Recherche sur les Identités Nationales et l'Interculturalité , 2014
Journal articles hal-01790247v1

Contemporary Photography as Collaboration

Karine Chambefort-Kay , Mathilde Bertrand
Springer International Publishing AG, 2024, 9783031414435
Books hal-04264718v1

Changing the paradigm of photographic creation and circulation

Karine Chambefort-Kay , Mathilde Bertrand
Contemporary Photography as Collaboration, Springer International Publishing, 2024, 9783031414435
Book sections hal-04264732v1

Visible difference? The photography collective Document Scotland

Karine Chambefort-Kay
L’Écosse, la différence / Scotland, the Difference, , 2021, Annales littéraires, Caledonia. Regards sur L'Écosse, Presses Universitaires de Franche Comté, 978-2-84867-781-1
Book sections hal-04067997v1

Edward Bernays et le pouvoir des images : manipulations et ripostes photographiques

Karine Chambefort-Kay
Julie Timmermann. Un démocrate, C&F éditions, 2020, 978-2-37662-000-6
Book sections hal-04068026v1

Les silences éloquents des photographies de manifestation

Karine Chambefort-Kay
Le silence dans les arts visuels, , 2017, 9782356921512
Book sections hal-04068154v1