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Kévin Vythelingum



Research engineer ----------------- [kevin (dot) vythelingum (at) voxygen (dot) fr](<mailto: kevin (dot) vythelingum (at) voxygen (dot) fr>) Voxygen Route du Radôme Pôle Phœnix Bat B1 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou France <> Bio --- My main research interests are speech synthesis and speech recognition. I have studied computer science (Master's degree) at the *École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie* (Lannion, France) and the University of Rennes 1 (Rennes, France). I obtained my PhD in 2019, under the direction of Pr. Yannick Estève, at the Computer Science Lab (LIUM) of the University of Le Mans (Le Mans, France), in association with Voxygen. I work since March 2016 with Voxygen as a research engineer. My current research activities focus on neural text-to-speech synthesis.