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Marie-Aude Méasson



Dr. Marie-Aude Méasson **Néel Institut – CNRS UPR 2940** ================================= **France** ========== Email : **Date of Birth**: 07.02.1979 **Nationality:** French **2 Children** Research -------- **CNRS Researcher** 02/2017**-** Researcher of CNRS at Néel Institute, Grenoble (on mission at LMPQ until the 31st of July) **CNRS Researcher** 11/2008-01/2017 Researcher of CNRS at Laboratory Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques, Université Paris 7 **Postdoctoral Fellow** 05-10/2008 School of Physics and Astronomy, St-Andrews University, Scotland. With Pr. Mackenzie&amp;Pr. Huxley **Postdoctoral Fellow** 2006-2008 Osaka University, Graduate School of Science, Japan. Laboratory of Pr. Onuki **PhD** 2002-2005 Université Joseph Fourrier – CEA-Grenoble/SPSMS with Daniel Braithwaite. ### Education/Diplomas **PhD** 2002-2005 Topic: Superconductivity and Correlations in the filled skutterudites PrOs4Sb12 **Postgrad. Diploma** 2002 Graduated in Condensed Matter with Distinction; University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble) **Studies** 1999-2002 Engineering degree at ENSPG (Phelma, Grenoble) **Preparatory school** 1997-1999 Selective preparatory studies to engineering schools, Lycée Saint-Louis (Paris). DEUG MIAS in parallel Scientific Awards ----------------- **CNRS award** 2015-2019 Scientific Excellence Award from CNRS **CNRS cadre** 2013 Prestigious selection into a small group (25 per year) of young cadre of the CNRS across all disciplines to be prepared for positions with management responsibilities Scientific and Educational Scholarships --------------------------------------- **SUPA fellowship** 2008 The Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) financed my post-doc. **JSPS Fellowship 2**006-2008 The JSPS (Japanese government) financed my post-doc, selected by the CNRS **Scholarship by CEA** 2002-2005 The CEA financed my PhD thesis Science Outreach ---------------- - **2019 :** Lab Open days, Scientific festival - **2018 :** Scientific festival (in-lab experiments) - **2017:** Public open house for high school students (100 students). TIPE and TPE. Exhibition at Cité des Sciences, Univers Science, Paris on the [Cold]( - **2016:** Organization committee of the Olympiades de Physique.Lecture with experiments in a network of libraries - **2015**: PEPS Egalité-CNRS grant (3 k€) to promote the position of women in science thanks to presentations in high schools. - TV Arte (Magazine Futur Mag). - Public open house 50 high school students (C’nano days/Ptits Débards). - **2013-2015**: Responsible of a formation to the quantum mechanic for high school teachers (2 days per year) - **2013**: [TV]( shooting organization (USA) in the lab. Deux articles on the Higgs boson in superconductors ([Nature Journal](, Pour la Science, New Scientific magazine). - **2012**: **Nomination for the “goût des sciences » prize of the French** Minister of research and education (3 nominations per year). Talk at the JEPHY/CNRS on the science for large audience. Presentation at the Musée de la Gaité Lyrique (presentation of the Magsurf), « [Tout est Quantique ](» days at the musée des arts et métiers. Shootings spanish TV [El Hormiguero](, shootings TV France 3 « [Incroyables Expériences ](». Responsible of the fête de la science stand on superconductivity. - **2011**: **Responsible Paris-centre for the superconductivity year.** - Design and building of a superconducting hoverboard **([MagSurf](** patent - Organization of a thematic week ‘Supra’ with the [Paris-Montagne]( association, Org. of the [journée Supra]( at the musée des arts et métiers, [Bar des Sciences](, [Palais de la découverte]( (Magsurf). Org. Fête de la science (inauguration of the Magsurf). Shootings TV France 5 [« On n’est pas que des cobayes »,]( public open house « 40 ans de l’université », talk with experiments at exposition « Entrée en Matière » and at la Cité des Sciences, participation to the movie [« 100% conducteurs : supraconducteurs ](» and to the web site « [supraconductivité.fr ](». Interviews and communications with journalists (France Inter ([Les Savanturiers](, TF1 (television news), Sciences et Vie découverte, Le petit quotidien, SkateMag …) - **2011-2015** : participation to the public open house of the university . Formation of the Phd students with teaching hours devoted to science for large audience (3 students). Set up of a “science for large audience” suitcase ‘Superconductivity’. TIPE et TPE (2-4 per years). - **2007 :** Talk with experiment in a japanese [high school]( Career breaks -------------- **1st Maternity leave:** May – September 2013 **2nd Maternity leave:** March –September 2016 Research interests ------------------ - **Themes**: Competing orders, Unconventional Superconductivity and strongly correlated systems in solids, relationship between structure and electronic orders, Amplitude Higgs mode in Superconductors, Exotic electronic orders (hidden order, multiorbital orders), Topological Insulators. - **Systems:** Strongly correlated systems:Rare earth based compounds, skutterudites, superconducting and charge density wave dichalcogenides, Fe-based superconductors, multiferroic compounds … - **Techniques** \- Techniques of low temperature and high pressure \- Raman Spectroscopy \- Macroscopic measurement of specific heat, resistivity, including under high pressure, heat transport and magnetic susceptibility Publications ------------- ### peer-reviewed articles **30/01/ 2020 (Web of Science)** Results found: **68 publications** Sum of Times Cited without self-citations : ***1 768*** **h-index :** **25** **Full list : ResearcherID: [here](** **[OrcidID, ]( HalID, [GoogleScholar](, [Researchgate](** Patents ------- Patent référence FR 1159134 ("Dispositif de lévitation, installation et procédé utilisant un tel dispositif"), auteurs **: M.-A. Méasson**, A. Sacuto, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous ====== <a name="_Toc378333486"></a>Scientific Presentations ---------------------------------------------------- ### <a name="_Toc378333487"></a>Invited Conference Presentations I report only the personal invitations done by my-self. 1. *1.* 8th International Workshop on the Dual Nature of f-Electrons (8th IWDN), Dresden. 2020: postponed to 2021 2. *2.* Workshop on Novel Materials and Superconductors 2020, Austria 2020. *“Higgs mode in CDW superconductors”* 3. 3. Workshop of the « [Higgs Hunting]( », July 2019, France*. Higgs mode and condensed matter physics.* 4. 4. EMFL user meetings: June 2019, Warsaw. *“High field Raman Spectroscopic study of the Hidden Order State in URu2Si2”* 5. 5. SIT, ***International Workshop on* The Superconductor-Insulator Transition and Low-Dimensional Superconductors,** Villard de Lans, France, 7 – 12 October2018, <> 6. 6. Workshop “[Fundamental Enduring Problems in Quantum Condensed Matter](”, in the honor of Chandra Varma, University of California, Riverside(7th to 9th December, 2017) 7. 7. [SCTE’18](, 25th to 29th of March 2018, Vienna (declined due to competing schedule) 8. 8. [Gordon Research Conference]( 2018, 24-29 June 2018, Entanglement and Coherence in Quantum Materials 9. 9. Workshop Natal, august 2018, Emergent Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Quantum Matter, 27-31 August 2018: “Anistotropic KondoPseudogap” 10. 10. [LEES 2018](, June 24-29 2018, Portonovo (declined due to competing schedule with GRC) 11. 11. [ECRYS 2017](, 24th of August 2017, Cargèse 12. 12. [SCES 2017,]( 18th of July 2017, Praha (Symposia 4: Mysterious Hidden Order in URu2Si2 into its 4th Decade) 13. 13. [ ISOE2017](,20th-21st of April 2017, Cargèse. Two lectures (1h each) 14. 14. [DPG Spring meeting 2015]( (18 march 2015)Symposium “Higgs Modes in Condensed Matter and Quantum Gases »*Amplitude ‘Higgs’ mode in 2H-NbSe2* 15. 15. [Workshop Natal 2014]( (July 21, 2014 **-** August 01, 2014)Quantum Criticality in Correlated Materials and Model Systems 16. 16. International Workshop: The New Generation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (2010) 17. *17.* *SCES 2016, I***nvited Talk** on your recent work of Raman spectroscopy of URu2Si2 (declined due to maternity leave) 18. *18.* Invitation at Fermi-surface topology and emergence of novel electronic states in strongly correlated systems", International Institute of Physics (IIP) in Natal, Brazil, from July 18th to August 1st, 2016. <> (declined due to maternity leave)


Possible high temperature superconducting transitions in disordered graphite obtained from room temperature deintercalated KC 8

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Raman Selection Rules Calculator: A simplified selection rules calculator for Raman spectroscopy experiment

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Electrical transport properties of half-heusler ScPdBi single crystals under extreme conditions

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Effective model for the A 2 g Raman signal in URu 2 Si 2

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Anisotropic Kondo pseudogap in URu 2 Si 2

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Magnetic transitions in CaMn7 O12 Raman observation of spin-phonon couplings

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Probing chiral electronic excitations in bilayer graphene by Raman scattering

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France: Charter for gender fairness at conferences

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Pressure-Induced Collapse of the Charge Density Wave and Higgs Mode Visibility in 2H−TaS2

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Collapse of Critical Nematic Fluctuations in FeSe under Pressure

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Vertical temperature boundary of the pseudogap under the superconducting dome in the phase diagram of $Bi_2$$Sr_2$$CaCu_2$$O_{8+\delta}$

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Raman Scattering as a Probe of Charge Nematic Fluctuations in Iron Based Superconductors

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Amplitude Higgs mode in the 2H-NbSe2 superconductor

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Anharmonic phonons in few-layer MoS2: Raman spectroscopy of ultralow energy compression and shear modes

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New insights into the phase diagram of the copper oxide superconductors from electronic Raman scattering

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Image document

Anharmonic suppression of charge density waves in 2H-NbS2

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Image document

Double superconducting transition in the filled skutterudite PrOs4Sb12 and sample characterizations

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Image document

Multiband superconductivity in the heavy fermion compound PrOs4Sb12

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Hydrogenation of intermetallics: A new synthetic route for iron-based superconductors

Sophie Tencé , F. Bernardini , G. Garbarion , M. Nuñez-Regueiro , M.-A. Méasson
21st International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements - SCTE 2018, Mar 2018, Vienne, Austria
Conference papers hal-03171997v1

Charter for gender fairness at conferences (Poster)

Veronique Pierron Bohnes , Nathalie Westbrook , Caroline Champenois , Claudine Lacroix , Pascale Launois
ICWIP International Conference on Women in Physics, Jul 2017, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-01706718v1