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Valérie Guénard Lampron




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Towards the definition of an objective criterion of the food printing quality

Valérie Guénard-Lampron , Giana Almeida , Charlotte Dumoulin , Cassandre Leverrier
Sustainable Food and Industry 4.0: Towards the 2030 Agenda, Nov 2023, Valencia, Spain
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Peut-on prédire la qualité d'impression de matrices alimentaires à partir de critères rhéologiques simples ?

Charlotte Dumoulin , Valérie Guénard-Lampron , Sophie Berland , Giana Almeida , Cassandre Leverrier
57ème Congrès du GFR, Oct 2023, Paris, France
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Optimization of 3D printable recipes using different flours: impact on the process, sensory properties and consumer appreciation

Valérie Guenard-Lampron , Xincheng Liu
Eurosense 2022 : A Sense of Earth, Sep 2022, Turku, Finland. 2022
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How to ensure the printability of a food matrix ? From formulation to consumer appreciation.

Valérie Guenard-Lampron , Cassandre Leverrier , Giana Almeida Perré
36th EFFOST 2022 : Shaping the Production of Sustainable, Healthy Foods for the Future, Nov 2022, Dublin, Ireland
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Can 3D food printing improve the visual appreciation of hachis Parmentier ?

Valérie Guenard-Lampron , David Blumenthal , Marine Masson
Eurosense 2020 : A Sense of Innovation, Dec 2020, Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Impact of printing and post-processing parameters on the texture of 3Dprinted food products

Valérie Guenard-Lampron , Marine Masson , Ophélia Leichtnam , David Blumenthal
34th EFFOST 2020: Bridging high-tech, food-tech and health: Consumer-oriented innovations, Nov 2020, Online conference, Israel
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