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Amelia Veitch

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I am a British and French PhD candidate in anthropology currently in the 3rd year of an international joint thesis. I also work as a photographer and have combined anthropology and photography in different projects. CURRENT POSITION 2021 - … PhD candidate in anthropology at EHESS, Political Anthropology Laboratory (LAP) & UNIL, Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) Teaching assistant to Prof. Mark Goodale at the University of Lausanne Advisors: Birgit Müller (EHESS) and Mark Goodale (UNIL) Thesis topic : Political anthropology of relationships to farmland in Brittany, France Abstract : Initiatives to "reclaim agricultural land" are multiplying in France. Their aim is to restore farmland that has been uncultivated for decades. Clearing the land often makes it possible to set up agro-ecological projects in response to strong social demands for the relocation of food production. Based on a 15-month ethnography in a rural community in Finistère that has initiated a project to "reclaim idle land", this thesis examines the power relations that develop around agricultural land in the light of environmental and social questions about the future of agriculture. It is based on two complementary field sites : with the people involved in the "reconquest" project, and in the regional arenas of agricultural land governance. Combining political and environmental anthropology with the interdisciplinary field of multi-species studies, this research offers a polyphonic reading of the issues surrounding abandoned farmland in the context of rational land use by a highly intensive form of agriculture. Research interests : anthropology of land, property relations, multispecies ethnographies, environmental history, agricultural policies, ecofeminism, green politics, institutions. EDUCATION 2020: Master Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, EHESS, Paris. MA thesis topic: agropastoral modernisation in post-soviet Kyrgyzstan (based on a 4 months fieldwork in the Tian Shan mountain range with families of profesional shepherds) 2018: Bachelor in Philosophy and in Political Science, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. RESEARCH ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATION OF WORKSHOPS - “Engaging with property relations: ontologies, practices, and theoretical frameworks”, PhD Workshop, Swiss Graduate Programme in Anthropology, (2024, 18-19 Oct.), with Mark Goodale, Paige West, and Tobias Haller - “After Law”, International workshop, UNIL, Lausanne (2022, 6-10 June) with Mark Goodale INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES 2023 - EnviroAnt EASA Network, Conference “States Of Matter” (Edinburgh, Scotland), Panel "Earth", Paper “The return of humans to abandoned agricultural land” - European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS) (Rennes, France), Panel “Rethinking Progress, Rejecting Growth? Agricultural Challenges to Entrenched Trajectories”, Paper “Reclaiming abandoned land in France: a non-linear story of agricultural modernization” 2021 - Les plans magistraux des humains et leurs challengers non-humains (Paris, France), Panel "Mondialisation, Circulations, Imaginaires", Paper “Chinese goods in Kyrgyz pastoral practices: the case of milking machines in the gender work divide” FUNDING & GRANTS - UNIL : 5 year PhD and teaching assistant contract (2021-2026) - UNIL : international co-supervision grant for PhD mobility (2022, 7000 CHF) - Fondation de France : 3 year interdisciplinary research program grant (2021, 150 000 euros) directed by Birgit Müller - EHESS : MA student fieldwork grant ( 2019, 2000 euros) TEACHING *Undergraduate * - Class : Introduction to cultural and social anthropology (University of Lausanne, 2021-24), with prof. Mark Goodale and prof. Agathe Mora - Seminar : Introduction to cultural and social anthropology (University of Lausanne, 2021-24), with prof. Mark Goodale and prof. Agathe Mora *Graduate * - MA seminar : Human rights and social change (University of Lausanne, 2023-24), with prof. Agathe Mora PHOTOGRAPHY You can check out some of my projects here :

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Social Anthropology and ethnology


« Reconquête de friches » et assemblages résistants de la terre

Amelia Veitch
A contrario. Revue interdisciplinaire de sciences sociales, 2023, n° 34 (1), pp.81-107. ⟨10.3917/aco.222.0081⟩
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