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Anna Pappa

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I am an assistant professor of computer science in the Université Paris 8. I am a member of the Laboratoire d'Intelligence Artificielle et Sémantique de Données (LIASD) and of the research team PASTIS. My main line of research is focused on the field of AI NLP (Natural Language Processing).


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MoliAIre, a theatrical agent which speaks like Molière's characters

Guillaume Grosjean , Tristan Cazenave , Baptiste Roziere , Anna Pappa
Proceedings of the XXV Generative Art Conference, GA2022, Celestino Soddu and Enrica Colabella Generative Art and Design Lab, Argenia, Roma, Dec 2022, Rome, Italy
Conference papers hal-04206572v1
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Do Deep Networks Really Need Complex Modules for Multilingual Sentiment Polarity Detection and Domain Classification?

Lisa Medrouk , Anna Pappa
2018 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Jul 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. pp.1-6, ⟨10.1109/IJCNN.2018.8489613⟩
Conference papers hal-03623944v1
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A Cleaning Algorithm for Noiseless Opinion Mining Corpus Construction

Otman Manad , Anna Pappa , Gilles Bernard
2018 IEEE/ACS 15th International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA), Oct 2018, Aqaba, Jordan. pp.1-7, ⟨10.1109/AICCSA.2018.8612867⟩
Conference papers hal-03625535v1
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Deep Learning Model for Sentiment Analysis in Multi-lingual Corpus.

Lisa Medrouk , Anna Pappa
Neural Information Processing. ICONIP 2017, Nov 2017, Guangzhou, China. pp.205-212
Conference papers hal-01744518v1
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Modèles heuristiques de classification des opinions à partir d'une étude comparative des réseaux profonds

Lisa Medrouk , Anna Pappa
CAp Conférence sur l'Apprentissage Automatique, Jun 2017, Grenoble, France
Conference papers hal-03145385v1
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Review web pages collector tool for thematic corpus creation

Lisa Medrouk , Anna Pappa , Jugurtha Hallou
CILC2016. 8th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics, Mar 2016, MALAGA, Spain. pp.274 - 282
Conference papers hal-01489726v1
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An interaction approach between services for extracting relevant data from Tweets corpora

Mehdy Dref , Anna Pappa
CILC2016. 8th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics, Mar 2016, MALAGA, Spain. pp.97 - 110
Conference papers hal-01489730v1

Interpretation of Semantically Tagged Data using Fuzzy Linguistic 2-Tuples

Mohammed-Amine Abchir , Isis Truck , Anna Pappa
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Fuzzy Computation Theory and Applications (FCTA'2012), 2012, Barcelona, Spain
Conference papers hal-01121167v1

Dealing with Natural Language Interfaces in a Geolocation Context

Mohammed-Amine Abchir , Isis Truck , Anna Pappa
The 10th International FLINS Conference on Computational Intelligence in Decision and Control, Aug 2012, Istanbul, Turkey. pp.806-811
Conference papers hal-00696059v1
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Self-Adaptation in Geotracking Applications: Challenges, Opportunities and Models

Olga Melekhova , Mohammed-Amine Abchir , Pierre Châtel , Jacques Malenfant , Isis Truck
The 2nd International Conference on Adaptive and Self-adaptive Systems and Applications (ADAPTIVE’2010), Nov 2010, Lisbonne, Portugal. pp.68-77
Conference papers hal-01243574v1

Constructing lexicon with morpho-syntactic features from untagged corpora

Anna Pappa
3rd International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Jun 2009, Tbilissi, Georgia. pp.221-226
Conference papers hal-01059033v1

Fuzzy Semantics in Closed Domain Question Answering

Mohammed-Amine Abchir , Isis Truck , Anna Pappa
Decision Aid Models for Disaster Management and Emergencies, 7, Atlantis Press/Springer, pp.171-188, 2013, Series Atlantis Computational Intelligence Systems, ⟨10.2991/978-94-91216-74-9_8⟩
Book sections hal-02877260v1