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Benjamin Mutin

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High-resolution historical satellite imagery and the Neolithic Landscape of South-Eastern Iran

Friederike Jürcke , Benjamin Mutin , Omran Garazhian , Cameron A. Petrie
ResourceScapes in the Iranian Highlands. Water, Wind and Minerals as Factors of Appropriation and Integration, 2022, Bochum, Germany
Conference papers hal-03929818v1

Current fieldwork in the Lut Desert region (southeastern Iran) sheds new light on the Indo-Iranian Borderlands Neolithic

Omran Garazhian , Benjamin Mutin , Friederike Jürcke , Siavash Samei , Saeedeh Ashari et al.
25th International Conference of the European Association of South Asian Archaeologists, 2022, Barcelone, Spain
Conference papers hal-03929820v1

Caractérisation chimique de céramiques du Pakistan et de l'Asie centrale (4ème – 3ème millénaires av. n. è.) : Étude prospective par fluorescence X portable

Sylvain Bauvais , Aurore Didier , Henri-Paul Francfort , Benjamin Mutin , Sophie Méry et al.
Analyse non destructive mobile des objets d’art et des matériaux du patrimoine, Ecole thématique CNRS Analyse et Patrimoine, Sep 2015, Sèvres, France
Conference papers halshs-02985628v1

La place des échanges interculturels dans la formation des civilisations anciennes des mondes iranien, centrasiatique et indien (VIIe – IIe millénaires av. n. è.)

Benjamin Mutin
Comptes-rendus des séances de l’Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, inPress
Journal articles hal-03929568v1
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Les premiers villages agricoles de l’est du plateau Iranien à la vallée de l’Indus : état de la question

Benjamin Mutin
L'anthropologie, 2022, 126 (3), ⟨10.1016/j.anthro.2022.103050⟩
Journal articles hal-03856111v1

Of Intercultural Interaction and Innovation: A Case-study based on Late Chalcolithic Copper Objects from Pakistan and their Parallels in Iran and Central Asia

Benjamin Mutin
Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran und Turan, 2020, 49, pp.101-121
Journal articles hal-03929575v1
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The Neolithic regional settlement of Darestan, Southern Lut Desert, Iran

Benjamin Mutin , Omran Garazhian , Maryam Shakooie
Archaeological Research in Asia, 2020, 24, ⟨10.1016/j.ara.2020.100230⟩
Journal articles hal-03856120v1

The Formative Phase of the Helmand Civilization, Iran and Afghanistan: New Data from Compositional Analysis of Ceramics from Shahr-i Sokhta, Iran

Benjamin Mutin , Leah Minc
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2019, 23, pp.881-899
Journal articles hal-03929588v1

Archaeological study of Sarazm in 2014 by the Tajik-French joint expedition (MAFAC) (en russe)

Frédérique Brunet , Benjamin Mutin , H.-P. Francfort , Abdurauf Razzokov , Roland Besenval et al.
Arkheologicheskie raboty v Tadzhikistane, 2019, 40, pp.64-80
Journal articles hal-03929577v1

Bronze Age Relationships between Central Asia and the Indus: Archaeology, Language, and Genetics

Benjamin Mutin , H.-P. Francfort
Marg-A Magazine of the Arts, 2019, 70 (4), pp.14-25
Journal articles hal-03929585v1
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New Data on the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Periods in the South-Eastern Greater Periphery of the Jazmurian Basin: Archaeological Survey Along the Sarbaz Valley and in Adjacent Areas in Iranian Baluchestan

Hossein Sarhaddi-Dadian , Benjamin Mutin , Hossein Moradi
Iran : journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies, 2019, 58 (1), pp.3-26. ⟨10.1080/05786967.2019.1566762⟩
Journal articles hal-03856144v1
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Iranian-French Archaeological Mission in Bam, Kerman. Summary of Field-Seasons 2016-2017

Benjamin Mutin , Omran Garazhian
Archaeology, 2019, 2 (2), pp.93-106
Journal articles hal-03856131v1

Iranian-French Archaeological Mission in Bam, Kerman. Summary of Field-Seasons 2016-2017

Benjamin Mutin , Omran Garazhian
Archaeology. Journal of the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research, 2019, 2 (2), pp.93-106
Journal articles hal-03929580v1

Bam Archaeological Mission (BAM). A New Archaeological Research Program in Kerman Province, Iran

Benjamin Mutin , Omran Garazhian
Antiquity Project Gallery, 2018, 93 (363)
Journal articles hal-03929591v1

Results of the archaeological research at Sarazm, 2013. Fieldwork of the Tajik-French Expedition (MAFAC) (en russe)

Frédérique Brunet , H.-P. Francfort , Benjamin Mutin , Abdurauf Razzokov
Arkheologicheskie raboty v Tadzhikistane, 2017, 39, pp.20-39
Journal articles hal-03929597v1

Regional and Long-Distance Exchanges of an Emblematic “Prestige” Ceramic in the Indo-Iranian Borderlands. Results of Neutron Activation Analysis

Benjamin Mutin , Leah Minc , C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky , Maurizio Tosi
Paléorient, 2017, 43 (1), pp.141-162
Journal articles hal-03929596v1

New Discoveries in the Bampur Valley (southeastern Iran) and their Implications for the Understanding of Settlement Pattern in the Indo-Iranian Borderlands during the Chalcolithic Period

Benjamin Mutin , Hossein Moradi , Hossein Sarhaddi-Dadian , Hassan Fazeli-Nashli , Mojtaba Soltani et al.
Iran : journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies, 2017, 55 (1), pp.1-21
Journal articles hal-03929594v1

The regional settlement of Kech-Makran, Pakistan between the fifth and third millennia BCE

Aurore Didier , Benjamin Mutin
Benjamin Mutin; Nasir Eskandari. Advances in Archaeological Research on the Southeastern Iranian Plateau, inPress
Book sections halshs-03475310v1

The Relationship between the Oxus Civilization and the Indo-Iranian Borderlands

Benjamin Mutin , C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky
B. Lyonnet & N.A. Dubova. The World of the Oxus Civilization, Routledge, pp.551-589, 2021
Book sections hal-03928891v1

The metallic assemblage from Excavation VII at Sarazm

Benjamin Mutin
N. Ubaidullo. Sbornik materialov konferesii posvyasheniy 5500-letiyu Sarazma, Donish, 2021
Book sections hal-03928892v1
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Migrations, transfers, exchanges, convergences? Assessing similarities and differences among the earliest farmers between the Daulatabad and Kachi Plains (Southern Iran and Pakistan)

Benjamin Mutin , Omran Garazhian
Marc Lebeau. Identity, Diversity & Contacts. Proceedings of the International Congress The East 1, Brepols, pp.113-136, 2021, Identity, Diversity & Contacts. Proceedings of the International Congress The East 1, 978-2-503-58949-7
Book sections hal-03856097v1

Exploring gender inequality between Makran and Turan during the Bronze Age

Benjamin Mutin
D. Usai, S. Tuzatto & M. Vidale. Tales of three worlds. Archaeology and beyond: Asia, Italy, Africa. A tribute to Sandro Salvatori, Archaeopress, pp.85-97, 2020
Book sections hal-03929531v1

Ost-Iran und der Osten in der Bronzezeit

Benjamin Mutin
B. Helwing & S. Annen. Iran, Frühe Kulturen zwischen Wasser und Wüste, 13.4.2017-20.8.2017, Kunsthalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, pp.90-95, 2017
Book sections hal-03929553v1

Further Explorations – Herat City Survey. The Old City Survey

Benjamin Mutin , Roland Besenval
U. Franke & T. Urban. Ancient Herat Vol. 2. Excavations and Explorations in Herat City, Druck & Medien, pp.733-735, 2017
Book sections hal-03929551v1

Excavations and Explorations in Kuhandaz and the Old City. Excavations in Kuhandaz

Ute Franke , Benjamin Mutin , Cécile Buquet-Marcon
U. Franke & T. Urban. Ancient Herat Vol. 2. Excavations and Explorations in Herat City, 689-732, pp.689-732, 2017
Book sections hal-03929544v1