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Fabrizio DUCATI

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Fabrizio Ducati is a classical archaeologist working on the Mediterranean during Roman times. His previous research investigated Roman and Byzantine Sicily's socio-economic background as part of a PhD jointly supervised by the University of Palermo and the University of Aix Marseille. His expertise in landscape archaeology and urbanism, GIS and other remote sensing technologies, CAD, and a variety of graphics software has proved to be an essential tool for completing his PhD (2020), and the fellowship he received from the École française de Rome (2018). All the international experience, including outside of Europe, has enhanced his competence in foreign languages and his transferable and complementary skills, enriching his collaboration network. His involvement in the international research program ATHAr-Maghreb (Histoire et Archéologie du Maghreb ancien) and other fieldwork in Tunisia gave him a good awareness of the principal archaeological contexts of several cities as well as rural areas. He also cooperates with the Universität Graz (Ostia), the University of Arizona (Sicily), the Escuela de Estudios Árabes de Granada (Sicily), and The British Columbia University (Sicily). Fabrizio was an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo (2020-2021), where he organised a workshop on Roman pottery for graduate students. He was also a guest lecturer at the Charles University, Institute of Classical Archaeology. Since 1st December 2022, he has been a postdoc fellow at the RomanIslam - Center for Comparative Empire and Transcultural Studies – of Hamburg University.


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La Σελινουντία δυσχωρία: διὰ τῶν στενῶν, per ipsas fauces. Dalle fonti alle nuove proposte di identificazione sul terreno.

Fabrizio Ducati
Journal of Ancient Topography, In press, 31, pp.263-272
Journal articles hal-03385224v1
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Fornaci e produzioni del Golfo di Castellamare (Sicilia nord-occidentale)

Giovanni Polizzi , Fabrizio Ducati
Mélanges de l'Ecole française de Rome - Antiquité, 2021, 132 (2),
Journal articles hal-03189684v1
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Fluttuazioni commerciali tra nord Africa e Sicilia meridionale: il VIe e il VII secolo D.C. Cignana come caso studio

Fabrizio Ducati
Mare Internum. Archeologia e Culture del Mediterraneo, 2021, 2020 (12), pp.85-97
Journal articles hal-03385670v1
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Analyzing African Red Slip wares in Sicily: a first overview from Cignana and Himera surveys

Fabrizio Ducati , Claudio Capelli
Otium. Archeologia e Cultura del Mondo Antico, 2021, Culture contact in Western Mediterranean Sea during the Roman age. Pottery as marker between traffics and local production: an introduction. Proceedings of the session n. 162 - XXV International Meeting European Association of Archaeologists (Bern, 4-7 September 2019), 10, pp.1-26
Journal articles hal-03388755v1
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Note preliminari sul rinvenimento di un'area artigianale da Contrada Amone e sulla produzione ceramica nel bacino idrografico del fiume Nocella

Giovanni Polizzi , Fabrizio Ducati , Francesco Longo
Notiziario Archeologico della Soprintendenza di Palermo, 2019
Journal articles hal-02266440v1

African Red Slip ware in Sicily during the Roman empire and the Late Antiquity: the region of Agrigento and Termini Imerese.

Fabrizio Ducati , Claudio Capelli
25th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists : Beyond paradigms, Sep 2019, Berne, Switzerland
Conference papers hal-03189671v1
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Cignana Archaeological Project (Sicilia): ceramiche di produzione africana dall’insediamento di età imperiale in contrada Viticchié

Fabrizio Ducati
LRCW 6. Sixth International Conference on Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean: Archaeology and Archaeometry. Land and sea: pottery routes, May 2017, Agrigento, Italy
Conference papers hal-03475962v1

Cignana Archaeological Project (Sicily): African pottery from the imperial settlement of Viticchié

Aurelio Burgio , Fabrizio Ducati
Sixth International Conference on Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean: Archaeology and Archaeometry Land and sea: pottery routes,, May 2017, Agrigente, Italy
Conference papers hal-03185420v1
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Comunicazione e divulgazione della ricerca scientifica applicata all’archeologia: il punto di vista degli young researchers

Alessandra Canale , Valeria Contino , Fabrizio Ducati , Donatella Ebolese
Workshop Scienza e Archeologia: un efficace connubio per la diffusione della cultura scientifica, E.C. Portale, G. Galioto, Oct 2017, Palerme, Italy. pp.163-168
Conference papers hal-03183660v1

Oikos-shaped Building near Casa Filippazzo: southern slopes, 212 a.s.l.

Fabrizio Ducati
DAAD international workshop, Apr 2016, Augsburg, Germany
Conference papers hal-03185440v1

Vie, genti ed insediamenti. L’archeologia lungo la valle dell’Eleuterio

Fabrizio Ducati
Eleuterio project conference, 2016, Misilmeri, Italy
Conference papers hal-03189584v1
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Aspects typo-chronologiques et archéométriques de la céramique africaine sur le territoire de Cignana (Naro, AG, Sicile)

Fabrizio Ducati
2e Journée Scientifique École Doctorale 355 « Espaces, Cultures, Sociétés », Jun 2017, Aix-en-Provence, France. 2017
Conference poster hal-03183705v1
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After African trades: changing in Cignana landscape between Late Antiquity and Medieval age

Fabrizio Ducati
Change and Resilience. The Occupation of Mediterranean Islands in Late Antiquity, Dec 2017, Providence, United States. , 2017
Conference poster hal-03183668v1
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Sacelli "dimenticati" nell’area urbana di Akragas

Fabrizio Ducati
The Akragas Dialogue. Nuove ricerche sui santuari di Sicilia, Sep 2016, Agrigente, Palerme, Italy. , 2016
Conference poster hal-03183691v1
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Farms, villas, and villages in late roman Sicily: a subregional approach to the landscape evolution

Fabrizio Ducati
Doctoral. Current issues in archaeology, Building D, 2nd floor, lecture room, Kampus Hybernská, Charles University, Czech Republic. 2022, pp.76
Lectures hal-03850010v1