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"Roseanne Watt's film poem Havergey"

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Third World Congress of Scottish Literature, Charles University, Jun 2022, Prague (CZ), Czech Republic
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“’Like I believe I was born once’: Memory as territory in Jenni Fagan’s The Panopticon and Kirstin Innes’s Scabby Queen”

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Congrès SFEEC 2022 - Territories and Memories, Sorbonne Université, Paris, Nov 2022, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-03966684v1


Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon , Camille Manfredi , Scott Hames
Scottish Writing after the Devolution: Edges of the New, Edinburgh University Press, pp.1-16, 2022, 9781474486170
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"Ghosts from the future: post-apocalyptic narratives in Scotland and the displacement of memory"

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Memory and Identity: Ghosts of the Past in the English-speaking World, Routledge, 2022, 9781032012841
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“ ‘They peer at my dark land’: The Ethics of Storytelling in Twenty-First-Century Scottish Women’s Writing”

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Scottish Writing after the Devolution: Edges of the New, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, pp.35-56, 2022, 9781474486170
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“Selkies, kelpies and fairies: Kirsty Logan’s contemporary sea creatures”

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Presses Universitaires de Besançon. L’eau en Ecosse / Water in Scotland, , pp.83-94, 2022, 978-2-84867-904-4
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“Punishment and crime in Jenni Fagan’s The Panopticon”

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Berton, Jean et Bill Findlay. Crime, Punishment and the Scots, Presses universitaires de Franche Comté, pp.163-174, 2019, 978-2-84867-659-3
Book sections hal-02568761v1

Literature against Amnesia

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Alasdair Gray: Ink for Worlds, 2014, 978-1-137-40177-9
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 "The Imp of the Perverse": Female Crime Writers in Contemporary Scottish Fiction

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Abouddahab, Rédouane ; Paccaud-Huguet, Josiane. Fiction, Crime, and the Feminine, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011
Book sections hal-01435198v1

Scottish Contemporary Popular and Genre Fiction

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Ian Brown; Alan Riach. The Edinburgh Companion to Twentieth-Century Scottish Literature, Edinburgh University Press, 2009, 978 0 7486 3694 5
Book sections hal-01435247v1

“In the Shadow of the Necropolis”: Historylessness, tradition and (re)creation in Janice Galloway’s Foreign Parts

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Prado Pérez, José Ramon ; Llorens Cubedo, Didac. New Literatures of Old: Dialogues of Tradition and Innovation in Anglophone Literature, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008, 978 1847 186232
Book sections hal-01435254v1

Re-imagining the City: End of the Century Cultural Signs in the novels of McIlvanney, Banks, Gray, Welsh, Kelman, Owens and Rankin

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Ian Brown; Thomas Owen Clancy; Susan Manning; Murray Pittock. The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature, 3, Edinburgh University Press, 2007, Modern Transformations: New Identities (from 1918), 978 0 7486 2482 1
Book sections hal-01435261v1

Scottish Writing after Devolution

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon , Camille Manfredi , Scott Hames
Edinburgh University Press, 2022, 9781474486170
Books hal-03966696v1

Women and Scotland

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Presses Universitaires de Franche Comté. , inPress, Philippe Laplace, 978-2-84867-674-6
Books hal-02619545v1

The Space of Fiction

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Books hal-01304187v1

Generic Instability and Identity in the Contemporary Novel

Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Madelena Gonzalez; Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010, 1-4438-1732-5
Books hal-01434782v1

Generic Instability and Identity in the Contemporary Novel

Madelena Gonzalez , Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
Madelena Gonzalez; Marie-Odile Pittin-Hédon. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010
Books hal-03237815v1