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Olivier Dalle

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Sequential PDEVS Architecture

Damián Vicino , Daniella Niyonkuru , Gabriel Wainer , Olivier Dalle
Symposium on Theory of Modeling & Simulation: DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium , 2015, Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Conference papers hal-01274279v1
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A data type for discretized time representation in DEVS

Damian Vicino , Olivier Dalle , Gabriel Wainer
SIMUTOOLS - 7th International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques, ICST, Mar 2014, Lisbon, Portugal
Conference papers hal-01055555v1

Evaluating the impact of Software-Defined Networks' Reactive Routing on BitTorrent performance

Damian Vicino , Chung-Horng Lung , Gabriel Wainer , Olivier Dalle
FNC - 9th International Conference on Future Networks and Communications, Aug 2014, Niagara Falls, Canada
Conference papers hal-01055556v1
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NetStep: a micro-stepped distributed network simulation framework

Olivier Dalle , Emilio P. Mancini
SIMUTools - 6th International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques - 2013, ICST, Mar 2013, Cannes, France
Conference papers hal-00787636v1

Using Computer Simulations for Producing Scientific Results: Are We There Yet?

Olivier Dalle
NS3 Workshop, Mar 2013, Cannes, France
Conference papers hal-00926967v1
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On reproducibility and traceability of simulations

Olivier Dalle
WSC - Winter Simulation Conference - 2012, Dec 2012, Berlin, Germany. pp.244
Conference papers hal-00782834v1
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Simulation in the Cloud Using Handheld Devices

Emilio P. Mancini , Gabriel Wainer , Khaldoon Al-Zoubi , Olivier Dalle
MSGC@CCGRID - Workshop on Modeling and Simulation on Grid and Cloud Computing - 2012, Wainer, Gabriel and Hill, David and Taylor, Simon, May 2012, Ottawa, Canada. pp.867 -872, ⟨10.1109/CCGrid.2012.65⟩
Conference papers hal-00691248v1
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Integrated Tools for the Simulation Analysis of Peer-To-Peer Backup Systems

Olivier Dalle , Emilio P. Mancini
SIMUTOOLS 2012, Mar 2012, Sirmione, Italy. pp.178-183, ⟨10.4108/icst.simutools.2012.247783⟩
Conference papers hal-00669241v2
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Some Desired Features for the DEVS Architecture Description Language

Olivier Dalle , Judicaël Ribault
Symposium On Theory of Modeling and Simulation -- DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium (TMS/DEVS 2011), Apr 2011, Boston, MA, United States. pp.258-263
Conference papers inria-00638565v1
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Traces Generation To Simulate Large-Scale Distributed Applications

Olivier Dalle , Emilio Mancini
Winter Simulation Conference, Dec 2011, Phoenix, AZ, United States. pp.2993-3001, ⟨10.1109/WSC.2011.6148000⟩
Conference papers inria-00638561v1
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Extending INET Framework for Directional and Asymmetrical Wireless Communications

Paula Uribe , Juan-Carlos Maureira , Olivier Dalle
ICST 3rd International Workshop on OMNeT++, ICST, Mar 2010, Torremolinos, Spain. 8p
Conference papers inria-00530809v1
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OSIF: A Framework To Instrument, Validate, and Analyze Simulations

Judicaël Ribault , Olivier Dalle , Denis Conan , Sébastien Leriche
SIMUTools2010, Mar 2010, Torremolinos, Spain
Conference papers inria-00465141v1
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Analyse des Corrélations entre Pannes dans les Systèmes de Stockage Pair-à-Pair

Olivier Dalle , Frédéric Giroire , Julian Monteiro , Stéphane Pérennes
AlgoTel, 2009, Carry-Le-Rouet, France
Conference papers inria-00384822v1

OSA : A Federative Simulation Platform

Judicaël Ribault , Olivier Dalle
Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference (WSC'09), Dec 2009, Austin, United States
Conference papers inria-00449642v1
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Design considerations for M&S software

Olivier Dalle , Judicaël Ribault , Jan Himmelspach
Winter Simulation Conference (WSC'09), Dec 2009, Austin, United States. pp.944 - 955, ⟨10.1109/WSC.2009.5429724⟩
Conference papers inria-00425153v1
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OSA: an Integration Platform for Component-Based Simulation

Judicaël Ribault , Fabrice Peix , Julian Monteiro , Olivier Dalle
Second Intl. Conf. on Simulation Tools and Techniques (SIMUTools09), Mar 2009, Rome, Italy
Conference papers inria-00449632v2
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Component based approach using OMNeT++ for Train Communication Modeling

Juan-Carlos Maureira , Paula Uribe , Olivier Dalle , Jorge Anaya , Takeshi Asahi
ITS-T 2009, INRETS, Oct 2009, Lille., France
Conference papers inria-00501882v1
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Analysis of Failure Correlation Impact on Peer-to-Peer Storage Systems

Olivier Dalle , Frédéric Giroire , Julian Monteiro , Stéphane Pérennes
9th IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing (P2P), Sep 2009, Seattle, United States. pp.184--193, ⟨10.1109/P2P.2009.5284518⟩
Conference papers inria-00485847v1
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Generation of Realistic 802.11 Interferences in the Omnet++ INET Framework Based on Real Traffic Measurements

Juan-Carlos Maureira , Olivier Dalle , Diego Dujovne
OMNeT++ Workshop / SIMUTools 2009, ICST, Mar 2009, Rome, Italy
Conference papers inria-00501885v1
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Enabling advanced simulation scenarios with new software engineering techniques.

Judicaël Ribault , Olivier Dalle
20th European Modeling and Simulation Symposium (EMSS 2008), Sep 2008, Briatico, Italy
Conference papers inria-00425150v1
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Component-based Discrete Event Simulation Using the Fractal Component Model

Olivier Dalle
International Conference on AI, Simulation and Planning in High Autonomy Systems (AIS) and Conceptual Modeling and Simulation (CMS), Feb 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina, pp.213--218
Conference papers inria-00141624v1
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OSA: an Open Component-based Architecture for Discrete-event Simulation

Olivier Dalle
proc. of 20th European Conf. on Modeling and Simulation, May 2006, Bonn, Germany, Germany. pp.253--259
Conference papers inria-00141606v1
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The SLOOP project: Simulations, Parallel Object-Oriented Languages, Interconnection Networks

Françoise Baude , Belloncle Fabrice , Jean-Claude Bermond , Denis Caromel , Olivier Dalle
2nd Euroean School of Computer Science, ESPPE,, Apr 1996, Alpe d'Huez, France. pp.85-88
Conference papers hal-03762698v1

Reuse-centric simulation software architectures

Olivier Dalle
Daniele Gianni; Andrea D’Ambrogio; Andreas Tolk. Modeling and Simulation-Based Systems Engineering Handbook, CRC Press, pp.263-292, 2014, 978-1-4665-7145-7. ⟨10.1201/b17902-12⟩
Book sections hal-01111447v1

Chapter 18: Standardizing DEVS Simulation Middleware

Gabriel A. Wainer , Khaldoon Al-Zoubi , Olivier Dalle , Saurabh Mittal , José L. Risco Martin
Wainer, G. and Mosterman, P. Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: Theory and Applications, CRC press, pp.459--494, 2011, 978-1-4200-7233-4
Book sections inria-00638559v1

Chapter 17: Standardizing DEVS model representation

Gabriel A. Wainer , Khaldoon Al-Zoubi , Olivier Dalle , Saurabh Mittal , José Luis Risco Martin
Wainer, G. and Mosterman, P. Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: Theory and Applications, CRC press, pp.427--458, 2011, 978-1-4200-7233-4
Book sections inria-00638560v1