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Olivier Evrard

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Environmental geopolitics of rumor : the sociality of uncertainty during Northern Thailand's smoky season

M. Mostafanezhad , Olivier Evrard
O'Lear, S. (ed.). Environmental geopolitics : a research agenda for environmental geopolitics, E. Elgar, pp.121-135, 2020, Elgar Research Agendas, 978 1 78897 123 2
Book sections hal-03635138v1

50 ans de développement et de dépeuplement des marges montagneuses au Laos [encadré]

Olivier Evrard
Michon, Geneviève (ed.); Carrière, Stéphanie M. (ed.); Moizo, Bernard (ed.). Habiter la forêt tropicale au XXIe siècle, IRD, pp.338-340, 2019, Référence, 978-2-7099-2455-9
Book sections hal-04025949v1

Geopolitical ecologies of tourism and the transboundary haze disaster in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar

M. Mostafanehad , Olivier Evrard
Neef, A. (ed.); Grayman, J. (ed.). The Tourism-Disaster-Conflict nexus, 19, Emerald, pp.53-66, 2018, Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management, 978-1-78743-100-3. ⟨10.1108/S2040-726220180000019003⟩
Book sections hal-03635272v1

Integration and marginality in the tourist economy : the geopolitics of trekking in Chiang Mai province

Olivier Evrard , M. Potapohn , K. Sratongno
Vignato, S. (ed.). Dreams of prosperity : inequality and integration in Southeast Asia, Silkworm Books, p. 94-130, 2017, Integration in Southeast Asia : Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics of Exclusion - SEATIDE, 9786162151415
Book sections hal-03991914v1

The political ecology of upland/lowland relationships in Laos since 1975

Olivier Evrard , Ian Baird
Bouté, Vanina and Pholsena, Vatthana. Changing lives in Laos : society, politics, and culture in a post-socialist state, National University of Singapore Press, pp.165-191, 2017, 978-981-4722-26-1
Book sections hal-01845628v1

Higlanders’ Mobility and Colonial Anxieties : A Political History of Khmu Laborers in Siam

Olivier Evrard
Saleminck, Oscar. Scholarship and Engagement in Mainland Southeast Asia, Silkworm Books, pp.33-64, 2016, 978-6162151187
Book sections hal-01845631v1

A brief note on ethnicity and migrations in the Nam Kan area

Olivier Evrard
Dubost, Jean-Marc. Medicinal plants used in Nam Kan National Park : an ethnobotanic survey in Hmong, Lue and Lamet communities, Gibbon Experience Project, pp.14-17, 2013
Book sections hal-01845660v1

The rural development policy and the transformation of upland/lowland relashionships in Laos since 1975

Olivier Evrard
Evrard, Olivier and Guillaud, Dominique and Vaddhanaphuti, Chayan. Mobility and heritage in Northern Thailand and Laos : past and present, IRD, pp.105-125, 2013, 9789746728225
Book sections hal-01845659v1

The ruins, the "savages" and the princess : myths, migrations and belonging in Viang Phu Kha, Laos

Olivier Evrard , Chanthaphilith Chiemsiisouraj
Evrard, Olivier and Guillaud, Dominique and Vaddhanaphuti, C Chanthaphilith. Mobility and heritage in Northern Thailand and Laos : past and present, IRD, pp.55-73, 2013, 9789746728225
Book sections hal-01845658v1
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Coastal heritage : exploring caves and associated indigenous knowledge in the Lanta Bay (Southern Thailand)

Bérénice Bellina , Sorathach Rotchanarat , Noel Hidalgo Tan , Olivier Evrard
Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology, 2021, 45, pp.25-41. ⟨10.7152/jipa.v45i0.15695⟩
Journal articles hal-03498295v1

Chronopolitics of crisis : a historical political ecology of seasonal air pollution in northern Thailand

M. Mostafanezhad , Olivier Evrard
Geoforum, 2021, 124, p. 400-408. ⟨10.1016/j.geoforum.2020.05.011⟩
Journal articles hal-04027825v1

Pierre Petit. - History, memory, and the territorial cults in the highlands of Laos : the past inside the present. - Oxon, New York, Routledge, 2020, 207 p. [Compte-rendu d'ouvrage]

Olivier Evrard
L'Homme - Revue française d'anthropologie, 2020, 236, pp.237-239. ⟨10.4000/lhomme.38431⟩
Journal articles hal-03617955v1
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Structures sociales et structures génétiques dans les populations humaines

R. Chaix , G. Ly , R. Laurent , S. Lafosse , B. Toupance
Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d'anthropologie de Paris, 2020, 32 (1-2), pp.18-23. ⟨10.3166/bmsap-2020-0071⟩
Journal articles mnhn-02917408v1

La pollution de l'air en Thaïlande du Nord : d'un phénomène saisonnier à une crise écologique

O. Evrard , M. Mostafanezhad
Moussons : recherches en sciences humaines sur l'Asie du Sud-Est, 2019, 34, pp.49-69. ⟨10.4000/moussons.5310⟩
Journal articles hal-02422987v1

Grant Evans and Tai issues : political engagement and intellectual legacy

P.T. Cohen , Olivier Evrard
Australian Journal of Anthropology, 2019, 30 (2 (No spécial)), pp.129-260
Journal articles hal-03620204v1

Grant Evans : political engagement and intellectual legacy (introduction)

P.T. Cohen , Olivier Evrard
Australian Journal of Anthropology, 2019, 30 (2 (No spécial)), pp.131-136. ⟨10.1111/taja.12321⟩
Journal articles hal-03620176v1

From Tai-isation to Lao-isation : ethnic changes in the longue durée in Northern Laos

P.T. Cohen , Olivier Evrard
Australian Journal of Anthropology, 2019, 30 (2 (No spécial)), pp.228-242. ⟨10.1111/taja.12314⟩
Journal articles hal-03620234v1

From matrimonial practices to genetic diversity in Southeast Asian populations: the signature of the matrilineal puzzle

Goki Ly , Romain Laurent , Sophie Lafosse , Chou Monidarin , Gérard Diffloth
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2019, 374 (1780), pp.20180434. ⟨10.1098/rstb.2018.0434⟩
Journal articles hal-02192491v1

Bernard Formoso, ed.. - Sociétés civiles d'Asie du Sud Est continentale : entre pilotage d'État et initiatives citoyennes. - Lyon, ENS Éd., 2016, 285 p. (De l'Orient à l'Occident) [Compte rendu de lecture]

Olivier Evrard
L'homme, 2018, 226, p. 201-202. ⟨10.4000/lhomme.31991⟩
Journal articles hal-03991921v1

Quantitative approach sheds new light on the influence of social organization on uniparental diversity in continental South-East Asia

Goki Ly , Romain Laurent , Frédéric Bourdier , Bérénice Alard , Sophie Lafosse
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Containing papers of a Biological character. Royal Society (Great Britain), 2018
Journal articles hal-03932483v1

"Tourism and Monarchy in Southeast Asia". Edited by Ploysri Porananond and Victor T. King. Newcastle : Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 2016, 266 pp. [Book Review]

Olivier Evrard
Sojourn, 2018, 33 (1), p. 220-223. ⟨10.1355/sj33-1m⟩
Journal articles hal-03991910v1

Residence rule flexibility and descent groups dynamics shape uniparental genetic diversities in South East Asia

Goki Ly , Bérénice Alard , Romain Laurent , Sophie Lafosse , Bruno Toupance
American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 2018, 165 (3), pp.480-491. ⟨10.1002/ajpa.23374⟩
Journal articles hal-02122543v1

L'histoire des hautes terres revalorisée

Olivier Evrard
Actualité scientifique - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, 2016
Journal articles hal-01529064v1
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Cristalliser l'histoire : la seconde vie des perles préhistoriques en Thaïlande péninsulaire

Annabel Vallard , Bérénice Bellina , Olivier Evrard
Artefact : techniques, histoire et sciences humaines, 2015, no h.s. 1, pp.189-203
Journal articles hal-01529075v1

Engaging with the Heritage of Maritime Populations of the Lanta Bay: a Community-based Archaeological and Ethnographic Project (the Lanta Bay project, Thailand)

Bérénice Bellina , Olivier Evrard , Sorathach Rotchanarat
International Workshop on Unsettling Archaeology, Alok Kumar Kanungo; Claire Smith; Nishaant Choksi; Gary Jackson, Sep 2022, Gandhinagar, India
Conference papers hal-04330451v1

From pebbles to necklaces. Aesthetic experiences and regimes of authority among ancient beads collectors in Thailand

Annabel Vallard , Bérénice Bellina , Olivier Evrard
International conference Modes of authority and aesthetic practices from South to Southeast Asia, projet AUTORITAS, CASE (Center for Southeast Asian Studies); CEIAS (Center for South Asian Studies); LAS (Social Anthropology Laboratory); GSRL (Societies, Religions & Secularities Group), May 2018, ENS (Paris), France
Conference papers halshs-04326212v1

Vestiges préhistoriques en Thaïlande : artefacts scientifiques, esthétiques, marchands

Annabel Vallard , Bérénice Bellina , Olivier Evrard
. Journée d’étude Politiques de la valeur : sujets, objets, natures, cultures, Dec 2018, IRD - Paloc, Paris, France
Conference papers halshs-04326152v1

Dynamics of Clans in Human Unilineal Populations: a genetic approach

Frédéric Bourdier , Bérénice Alard , Goki Ly , Sophie Lafosse , Romain Laurent
American Association of Physical Anthropologists, 2017, Nouvelle Orléans (Louisiane), United States
Conference papers hal-03956419v1