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  • IdHAL sleimane-nasser-el-dine


Doctor in electrical engineering from Paris Saclay University and mechanical engineer, I have 4 years of experience in modeling and fine element numerical simulation of thermomagnetic, natural, and other convection phenomena. I worked on cooling of power transformers with ferrofluids, a new technological solution that could improve the heat transfer in these electronic devices. The work focuses on numerical calculations by finite elements to study the impact of thermomagnetic convection on coolant flow in the transformer housing. Experimental measurements on a prototype transformer were also compared with the numerical calculations and showed a good agreement. Passionate about research and development, I worked as a research engineer at Georgia Tech Lorraine. We started a development of a test bench for indoor air quality management especially for aircraft cabins and patient rooms. The work is based on the evaluation of the robustness of the systems to actual noise factors by using IAQ sensors at specific locations within the test bed. I'm working actually as as thermal system engineer at Valeo CDA.